Flag of Luna

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Flag of Luna
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Use National Flag, State Flag Vexillological symbol
Proportion 3:5 (or 1:2)
Adopted June 11, 2016
Design Horizontal Tricoloured Band of Blue, White and Red with the National Emblem in the Center
Designed by Prime Minister Drinian Ordanel

The flag of the People's Federal Republic of Luna is adopted on June 11, 2016. It is a Horizontal Band of Blue, White and Red, the Pan-Slavic Colors with the National Coat of Arms at its center. It is quite similar to the Flag of the German Democratic Republic, but differ in Colors. The flag was designed by the country's Prime Minister and Member of the Presidency, Drinian Ordanel


The Original Flag was adopted on May 17, 2016, the time of the Nation's Independence, as a Tricolor Band of Blue, White and Red with a Red Star on the middle. A flag identical to the Flag of Yugoslavia. However, Under Executive Order No. 4 released on June 11, 2016, the flag's proportion was changed from 1:2 to 3:5 and replaced the red star with the new Coat of Arms.

List of Flag

Flag Date Use Notes
Proposed Flag-0
2016-Present Civil Flag Same Design with the State Flag but without the National Emblem on its center.
2016-Present Proposed Civil Flag Horizontal Bands of Red Blue and White
2016-Present Flag of the Chairman of the Supreme Council
2016-Present Flag of the People's Federal Congress

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