Federal Republic of Flatland

The Free Micronation.
Imperium, Michael Sweeny
Capital city Auburn, Flatland
Official language(s) English
Demonym Flatlandian
Government Republic
- President Brayden Yates
Legislature Parliament
Established September 21, 2009 (Renamed May 25, 2011)
Area claimed 1216 Acres
Population 20 Citizens
Currency Flatlandian Dollars
National sport Basketball (American College)
National drink Flatlandian Tea
National animal Turkey


The Federal Republic of Flatland is a micronation founded on September 21, 2009. With a population of seventeen, Flatland claims 1216 acres of land and is bordered by the United States of America.


The Name "Flatland" Comes from the flat terrain that was originally claimed into two states, "Woodford" and "Logan".


Flatland is governed as a republic with a tricameral legislature consisting of the Congress and the Senate. Legislation is proposed by a congressman or senate member in their respective house after which both houses make a vote. If a simple majority of both houses passes the legislation, the President then gives his assent. If the President vetoes the Bill, it is returned to either the Congress or the Senate and another vote is made. If more than three-quarters of a house supports the legislation, it is passed without the President's consent and it becomes part of the law. The Senate of Flatland deals with impeachments, diplomatic treaties, investigations and has the right to veto presidential appointments. The Congress is in charge of changes in taxing, government spending and commerce. These laws then go to the Supreme Court where the bill is interpreted.


The current political partys are :

  • Republican Party( 3 Members)
  • Democratic Party(2 Members)
  • Conservative Party(5 Members
  • Liberal Party( 1 Member)
  • Libertarian Party(5 Members)

Provinces and Territories

The Provinces of Flatland are official land claims. These land claims may request to join, be annexed, or invited. To become a province, you must be voted on my the parliament. To pass you must have greater that 50% vote. The Prime Minister must approve of this vote to become a territory. It must be a territory for a total of 10 (ten) days to become a full province.


The Kingdom of Flatland

The President comes from Irish royalty so he attempted a kingdom. This kingdom was created in 2007 as a hobby. The kingdom never went online and was destroyed by a communist neighbor that was an ally. The king kept this battle for 2 weeks and asked for peace many times. The king then lost the war.

The United States of Flatland

Flatland started two years after the creation and destruction of The Kingdom of Flatland. This went online starting with the claimed territory and the YouTube channel. We were asked for diplomacy by the Runic Empire, A nation that later declared war on the Democracy. Flatland then got a website and email. We then made our way to 16 allies. The president in October 2010 went to Gulf Shores, Alabama and then War was declared by the Runic Empire. This war lasted several weeks. In November the Runic-Flatland War ended.


The Flatland Armed Forces is in possession of nerf, airsoft, or real guns and currently consists of four branches, the Airsoft Army, Nerf Army, army of real guns, and Reserve Army. The Flatlandian Air Force consists of real aeroplanes that are mostly used for air shows.


Flatland-Runic War

Flatland took part in the Runic-Flatland War, declared by the Runic Empire because of a pagan religion but no conflict took place.

Attack on the Reich of Todd

This attack, by Flatland was a very great attack because it was the first conflict in Flatland to involve aircraft and bombings. An article can be located here.

Foreign relations

The President oversees all diplomatic relations and Flatland normally accepts alliances with any nation which complies with the Montevideo Convention with the exception of those that are in favour of micronational warfare. The current allies of Flatland are as follows:

To open diplomatic relations go here



Flatland Money

Contact details


These are the current maps of the Federal Republic of Flatland FlatMap



Flatland has a few ways of gathering news. Here are the few ways.


Youtube is the earliest way of gathering news in Flatland. you can get to the channel here


The Flatland Newspaper was created on May 13, 2011 and is located here

Other Claims

While Flatland has claims in the real world, they also have claims on Wyverns Minecraft server. They have plans to create their own server soon.


Flatland is currently in one organization and two developing organizations.

  • Vanguard Powers ***

Leader = ***


January 1, New Years

  • Febuary 14th, Presidents Day
  • Easter is different every year
  • May 1, Osama Bin Laden Death Day
  • September 21, Independence Day

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