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Foreign Affairs of Slin are controlled by the Monarchy and chosen Ambassadors. Generally, Slin engages in informal friendships.

List of bilateral relations

Nation Type Relations started Relations ended Note
Flag of the Lurk Republic Lurk, Noble Republic of Informal friendship July 2012 25 June 2013 Lurk joined Empyre of Slin.
1000px-Flag of New Zealand.svgStars, Republic of Informal friendship
New flag Elefthfria Elefthfria Informal friendship
Flag of the Kingdom of Bolcar Bolcar, Kingdom of Informal friendship
Grunkia Grunkia, Federal Republic of Informal friendship 29 March 2013 Grunkia was disestablished.
MahusetFlag Mahuset, Kingdom of Informal friendship King of Mahuset controls the Maple claim.
Hasanistan Hasanistan, Republic of Informal friendship
Noflag Klaise Informal friendship
Noflag Daphoria Informal friendship
Bulgresia flag Bulgresia, Kingdom of Informal friendship
Snilandish Flag 2 Sniland Informal friendship
UKBKTHG- flag kingdom Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail, United Holy Kingdom of Informal friendship
RepublicofRezacflag Rezac, Republic of Informal friendship
Monovia flag Monovia, Principality of Informal friendship
Flag of Andorra(1934).svg South-Eastern Carpathians, Federal Kingdom of Informal friendship 13 July 2013 (renewed relations),but the first relations between FKSEC and Slin started earlier in 2013. FKSEC ceased to exist on 1st of July 2013;it reestablished on 13th of July 2013.
Noflag Juclandia, Kingdom of Informal friendship 25 June
Noflag Varina, Kingdom of Informal friendship 25 June
Noflag Volfa, Diarchy of Informal friendship 27 June
Flag of Austria-Hungary 1869-1918.svg New Austria, Empire of Informal friendship 2 July 13 July 2013 A successor state of FKSEC;it ceased to exist on 13th July 2013.
Saxonflag Saxon Empire Informal friendship 2 July
Salaria Informal friendship 18 July 2013

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