This is the page of the foreign relations of the Kingdom of Harenfall, containing diplomatic relations, informal relations,  and nations banned from relations with Harenfall.

informal Relations

Informal relations are regarded as relations not involving recognition, treaties or any form of diplomacy.

Barred from relations

Nations that the Kingdom of Harenfall has banned from relations

  • Flag of Imperial Kingdom of Gillia Gillia  (racist laws, theocratic goverment)
  • 40px Sangheili Union (marxist-leninist goverment, allied with terrorist groups)


Nations that the Kingdom of Harenfall has entered an alliance with


Unions that the Kingdom of Harenfall has entered membership with

Diplomatic Relations

The Kingdom of Harenfall will only enter in diplomatic relations with nations wiht a permanent population, a stabile goverment, and claimed land of atleast 1m² and.

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