The Kingdom of Afondale operates a Foreign affairs policy for diplomacy with other micronations.

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Current Policy

Afondale has two types of relation- Diplomatic and Informal. Diplomatic relations are defined as a close diplomatic link between Governments, whereas Informal relations are defined as a simple friendship. The Afondalic Government will entertain both types, although diplomatic relations are usually considered more formal and only recognised countries are eligible, although they do not necessarily have to be to receive informal relations. There is also a policy on organisations- the Government must approve membership and there is a limit of up to 4 organisational memberships at a time.

Recognition Criteria

  • The micronation must claim physical land.

This is defined as being physical land situated on Earth. A quick amendment on 3rd March 2014 meant that recognised countries must have a claim deemed to be 'sensible' (such as claiming just a few fields, not an entire county etc.)

  • The micronation must have a stable government.

There is no requirement on the type of Government, on condition that it is not an anarchy. Stablility is defined as a regime that has not changed within the last 4 months.

  • The micronation must be active.

Activity is defined as at least one update or news on the micronation within the last 6 months.

  • The micronation must have a permanent population.

There must be at least one permanent citizen in the micronation, this only includes humans. Also, a population means the citizens know that they are citizens.

  • The micronation must respect human rights.

The micronation must respect human rights by allowing things such as Freedom of Speech. A micronation that does not is also unlikely to receive informal relations.

  • The key micronationalist must not be banned.

The micronationalist behind the micronation must not be banned on a micronational community.

  • The micronation is not participating in any wars.

The micronation must not be in a state of war over another micronation/macronation.

Diplomatic relations

Number Flag Name Macronation(s) Opened Treaty signed
1 Flag of Scotannaea Scotannaea Unionflag UK 25 January 2014 TBA

Informal relations


Number Flag Name Macronation(s) Relations established Recognised?
1 Air Kingdom Flag 2 Air Kingdom Flag of Antarctica Antarctic Territories March 1 2014 No
2 Melbourniaflagstatenew Melbournia Unionflag UK March 4 2014 Yes
3 Cockatiel Empire Flag (2014) Cockatiel Empire Flag of the United States of America USA March 4 2014 Yes
4 The Cat Republic Flag Cat Republic Flag of the United States of America USA March 7 2014 Yes
5 Flag of NKSC NKSC Flag of the United States of America USA March 15 2014 Yes
6 Jera Flag Jera Empire Flag of the United States of America USA Norway Norway April 2 2014* No
7 Monarchy flag of arendelle by otakumilitia-d7cjpyd Arendelle Unionflag UK Flag of France France April 11 2014 No


  • Afondalic-Jeran relations originally began in December 2013 and ended in January 2014 due to inactivity.

Bad relations

Currently none.

Macronational Recognition

Macronations Recognised

Afondale recognises most Flag of the United Nations.svg United Nations macronations, with the exeption of the following:

Macronations Unrecognised

Debatable Macronations Recognised

Afondale recognises the following macronations with limited recognition as independent countries-



Number Flag/logo Name Joined
1 Olympic flag Intermicronational Olympic Committee March 1 2014
2 GH Football NFT Association March 30 2014

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