Forgotten Realms.

A section of the Forgotten Realms in the Green Pond Realm.

The Forgotten Realms (Wilton Middle School) are a area where the Kingdoms and Realms of Atlantis, Thebes, Saqqara, Dark Woods, Frozen Alters and Green Ponds that used to have lots of Micronations and other Realms all over the place. However the Forgotten Realms got its name from the fact that it is never used anymore and that the population left the realms and eventually became Moylurg, Taklamacan, and Corran.

The Kingdoms in the Realms during its golden age used to get along but also sometimes trick or force other nations out of their land. The biggest example of this is when Saqqara (HM King Declan I of Moylurg) attacked Thebes (HM King Kieran of Thebes) and deposed his Kingdom and took his and his peoples lands.

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