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Some departments of the Slinky Empyre have been dis-annexed. They are described in detail here, along with the history behind the actions taken.

Original details

To increase positive relations with Nemkhavia, its leader and Kyng Fyrst worked together to annex Eastvale Department, a grassy land northeast of the Nemkhavian Home Provinces. Eastvale Department was annexed on August 18, 2009. Saint John the Baptyst Department was annexed on July 3, 2010, with Charles I appointed as its Vyceroy. Escurus Department was annexed on July 20, 2010, with William Danforth appointed as its Vyceroy.

Eastvale Department was located near Dublin, Ireland. Saint John the Baptyst Department was assumed to be located in Vienna, Austria. Escurus Department was located to the north west of Vienna.

Eastvale Time (EVT) was the time zone used in Eastvale Department, set at UTC+1 hours. Saint John the Baptyst Time (SJT) was the time zone in Saint John the Baptyst and Escurus Departments, set at UTC+2 hours.

flag name Vyceroy/Vycereine abbreviation annexation date land area
Flag of Eastvale Department Eastvale Department Marka Mejakhansk EV August 18, 2009 ~ 0 acres
Flag of Saint John the Baptyst Department Saint John the Baptyst Department Charles Hendersley SJ July 3, 2010 unknown
Flag of Escurus Department Escurus Department William Danforth ES July 20, 2010 ~ 2484.3 acres

Saint John the Baptyst Department

Saint John the Baptyst Department
Flag of Saint John the Baptyst Department
annexation date July 3, 2010
leader Charles Hendersley
land area nonexistent
languages Slin-Englysh
abbreviation SJ

Saint John the Baptyst Department (sometimes called "SJB") was the tenth "department" of the Slinky Empyre.



Map constructed from details given by SJB Vyceroy.

St. John the Baptyst Dept. was assumed to have bordered Eleytheria to the south and west, and Austria to the north and east. Three settlements was assumed to exist in the department, them being (from largest to smallest) Baptyst Cyty, House-upon-Tree and Threeoaks. The SJB department, as it was "colloquially known", was also assumed to be privy to the only railroad system and the only civilian airport of the Slinky Empyre.


The SJB Department was dis-annexed after the discovery that it was entirely a work of fiction, revealed through William Danforth in September 2010. Saint John the Baptyst was dis-annexed on October 7, 2010.

Escurus Department

Escurus Department
Flag of Escurus Department
annexation date July 20, 2010
leader William Danforth
land area ~ 2484.3 acres
languages Slin-Englysh
abbreviation ES

Escurus Department was the fourteenth department of the Slinky Empyre.


The Escurus Department bordered the Austrian State of Lower Austria on most of its northern borders, and the Austrian State of Vienna on its other borders. A national park was being planned in the northern "arm" of the department.

Seventeen unnamed districts were located in Escurus.



A graph showing the land area of Escurus compared to other Slinky departments in a pie graph, as assumed true during Escurus's status as a department. The large blue "slice" represents Escurite territory.

Escurus Department was by far the largest department in the Slinky Empyre, approximately four square miles of land claimed. This made up most of the nation's total land area, and had a greater size than the two smallest macronations, Monaco and the Vatican City.


Escurus Department was dis-annexed after it was discovered that William Danforth, its Vyceroy, had no control over the government of the area. This was revealed in September 2010. Escurus was dis-annexed October 6, 2010.

Eastvale Department

Eastvale Department
Flag of Eastvale Department
annexation date August 18, 2009
leader Vyceroy Mark
land area ~ 0 acres
languages Slin-Englysh
abbreviation EV

Eastvale Department was the third department of the Slinky Empyre.



Eastvale Department bordered the Republic of Ireland to the north and east, and the Republic of Nemkhavia to the south and west.


In December 2010, Eastvale Department was officially dis-annexed about a week after the resignation of its Vyceroy Mark Meehan on December 1, 2010. The territory was ceded to the Republic of Ireland.

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