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Formiguese Empire
8877431 orig


A United Empire


Kokomo (by the Beach Boys)

Capital city Palmeria
Largest city Palmeria
Official language(s) Formiguese
Official religion(s) N/A
Demonym Formiguese
Government Monarchy
- Emperor Allan I
Legislature Imperial Congress
Established October 28, 2014
Area claimed To be determined
Population 20
Currency Formiguese Dollar
Time zone Pacific Time
National drink 7up
National animal Dog

The Formiguese Empire is a micronation in the West Coast of the United States. it is currently ruled by Emperor Allan I and was founded on October 28, 2014.

The nation spans across the globe with claimed land in the Caribbean and Europe.



Allan Villarruel decided to claim a few European islands off Spain as part of his new Empire, along with three uninhabited Caribbean islands, he started an online citizenship campaign, and 20 people joined the Formiguese Empire as it's citizens, the Imperial Ceremony was celebrated in Villarruel's bedroom, where declared himself Emperor Allan I.


The government is ruled through governor-generals, mayors, and ministers.

The Emperor Edit

The Premier has absolute power over Foreign relations and military

Imperial Congress Edit

There is also a imperial congress with proposes and votes on laws the deal with the basic needs of the empire


These basic laws were created on October 28, 2014

1. No person under the age of 18 may consume alcoholic beverages, unless accompanied by the child's guardians.

PUNISHMENT: fine of 50 U.S. dollars, and a 6-month sentence in prison.

2. No foreigner should speak against the Ethnic Formiguese people.

PUNISHMENT: The Person will be deported back to country of origin

3. U.S. Police, Fire, and all government departments have the right of entry to Formiguese territory.

PUNISHMENT: if a Formiguese citizen tries to expel the officer, the Person will serve 10 days in jail.

4. People shall have the right to be any religion they want to be

PUNISHMENT: religious discrimination is against the law, and can lead up into 5 days in jail.

5. Racism, Sexism, Ageism, or other discriminations will not be allowed in the Formiguese Empire

PUNISHMENT: The person will be jailed to 5 months of hate crime




Isla Mona


Formigues Islands

Foreign relationsEdit

Republic of Molossia

IKGY Union

Principality of Guerreria


The Formiguese culture is a mix of Spanish, French, Mexican, and American cultures.


The country celebrates all the major holidays of it's mother country, the United States, but has created few of their own

Emperor Day (February 16th)

Independence Day (May 19th)

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