Fort Cockatiel

Flag of Fort Cockatiel

Population: 21,008
Settled: 1885, 1914 as city, (became part of the Cockatiel Empire in 2011)
Other Name Haines City
Time Zone EDT/EST

Fort Cockatiel (also called Haines City) is a city in the Cockatiel Empire. It is located in the State of Catawba. It currently has a population of 21,008 people. It became part of the Cockatiel Empire when the nation was formed on August 27, 2011.


Fort Cockatiel was first settled in 1885 shortly after the South Florida Railroad reached the area. The city was first known at Clay Cut but there was no railroad station. It is noted that settlers persuaded the railroad to build a railroad station if they change the city name to Haines City. Named after railroad official, Colonel Henry Haines.

Early settlers planted citrus groves and citrus growing became the main industry in Haines City.

In 2004, Haines City (along with other cities and towns now apart of the Cockatiel Empire) was struck by Hurricane Charley when it passed through the city in August. Hurricane Frances then came over Haines City but just dumped a lot of rain. Hurricane Jeanne then soon followed packing a punch that wasn't as strong as Charley but was longer lasting. The city eventually recovered.

On August 27, 2011, Haines City was renamed Fort Cockatiel when the Cockatiel Empire was established. It wasn't until 2012 when the city became part of the State of Catawba since the Cockatiel Empire had yet to have states.

Sister Cities

Fort Cockatiel is on the list of Micronational Sister Cities (see Micronational Town Twinning Project). It is paired up with 2 cities.

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