The Fortis Republic
The Fortis Republic FlagFortisCoat

Fortitudo et Cooperatione
(English: Strength and Cooperation)

O Great Fortune of Fortis
Capital city Peglertown
Largest city Peglertown
Official language(s) English
Demonym Fortian
Government Single-Party Democratic
- Great Leader Matt Pegler
Established December 28, 2014
Area claimed 28328m²
Population 10
Currency Fortis Pound
Time zone GMT

Fortis, officially the Fortis Republic is a micronation based in England, UK. It has a 28328m² piece of land which it claims as the territory.

The micronation foundation day is called 'The Day of Liberation'.

The micronation has halted all immigration until further notice (as of January 2015) due to the incessant rise of Islamic Terrorism, especially in France. Great Leader Matt Pegler personally sent condolences to the French President and the French People, noting "The French People will stand in solidarity today as with the rest of the Earth. The Fortis Republic decidedly put aside all diplomatic matters in order to send our condolences to the victims of the 'Charlie Hebdo' attack and the supermarket attack."

All residents of the micronation are British Citizens.


Fortis was founded on the belief that "too many British powers were given away to the European Union". The provisional government decided to take the micronation seriously and treat it as it's own country. The nation was first dreamed of in January of 2014, when the Great Leader found himself frustrated with the lack of action and patriotism in British politics. He worked tirelessly until, on the 28th December, a micronation was founded.

National HolidaysEdit

  • 1st January - New Year's Day
  • 2nd January - Day of the Motherland
  • 23rd April - St. George's Day
  • 1st May - May Day
  • 23rd June - Freedom Day
  • 19th September - Day of the Fortian
  • 5th October - Great Leader Day (Birthday of Great Leader)
  • 16th December - December Day
  • 24th December - Christmas Eve
  • 25th December - Christmas Day
  • 26th December - Boxing Day
  • 27th December - Freedom Party Day
  • 28th December - The Day of Liberation (Foundation Day)


The flag of the Fortis Republic is quite simple, 2 stripes of colour dominate the flag. The blue, symbolises strength and power, whilst the green represents the green pastures that dominate the micronation. The joined swords in the centre represent the industrious, laborious and glorious work that the inhabitants do on a day to day basis.


The ruling party is the "'Freedom Party'" promising liberties and freedom, following an agenda set by the Great Leader Matt Pegler. The party is centre-right. Despite being a one-party state, democratic elections are held and anyone can stand. In the founding election, Great Leader Matt Pegler received 100% of the vote.


The ruling Freedom Party maintains a set of core, unwavering policies, these include:

  • Free Healthcare
  • Free Education
  • Unrestricted trade with other micronations
  • Limited immigration


The Fortis Republic is based from a 28328m² piece of land, which is landlocked in England, United Kingdom. It is split into 7 administrative regions, which are:
Tfr map
  • Peglertown (Capital City)
  • Border
  • Bluesky
  • Trimead
  • Greenfields
  • Sunnyside
  • Army Base

Peglertown, being the capital, is the most powerful administrative region in Fortis. The Army Base region is inaccessible to the populous and is where the Republic develops and manufactures weapons, trains soldiers and prepares for national security drills. Border (situated at the country's entrance) is legislatively 'dead' as it has no power in the National Assembly, as it only filters people coming in and out of the micronation. Bluesky is home to the industrial heart of Fortis. Trimead and Greenfields are mostly residential regions and have the most power in the National Assembly. Sunnyside is where the National Assembly sits. Again, the Army Base has no administrative power - rather akin to the Border.


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