Sovereign State of Forvik
Flag of ForvikForvik Arms

Með løgum skal land biggja
(English: By law, the land Biggs)
Forvik locator
Capital city None defined
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Forvegian
Government Direct Consensual Democracy
- Steward Stuart Hill
Legislature The Ting
Established 21 June 2008
Area claimed 2.5 acres
Population 4 (2010 estimate)
Currency Forvik Gulde
Time zone GMT & BST

Official Government Website

The Sovereign State of Forvik, previously referred to as the Crown Dependency of Forvik, is an unrecognized micronation claiming the 2.5 acre (10,000 m2) island of Forewick Holm in the Shetland Islands.

Forvik was established in 2008 by the island's disputed owner, Stuart Hill, when he unilaterally declared Forvik to be a British Crown Dependency. Although Hill asserted that the matter was for the Monarch to decide, a spokesperson for the United Kingdom Ministry of Justice stated that under the Constitution of the United Kingdom, Forvik is part of the Shetland Islands and as such is subject to the United Kingdom's legislation. The Shetland Islands Council Convenor Sandy Cluness has not dismissed Hill's actions out of hand and said official bodies would wait to see how it progressed.

Since Forvik declared independence in 2011 as a sovereign state, Stuart Hill has constructed a house and worked on the Seabed.


The name Forvik Island was coined by Hill who asserts that it means "island of the bay of sheep".[1] Wick is a development development of vik, a Norse word for bay. Holm is a common name in the Orkney and Shetland Islands for a small, rounded island.

"Forvik" is not a recorded historical form, but a pseudo-Norse version of "Forewick", which is the name of a headland on the adjacent island of Papa Stour. The name "Forvik" is first known to have been used on 18 June 2008 when Hill's intention to declare "Forvik Island" a dependent territory was made public.


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