Foster Island Republic
Fôster Yaktash Respublika (BA)
FosterFoster Island Coat of Arms (1.0)

َ"Eine gleichberechtigte Zukunft gesichert durch das Volk."
"Do you hear the people sing?"
Foster Island Anthem

393px-USA Maine location map.svg Claims shown in red
Capital city North Point
Largest city Baikal
Official language(s) Bayetsk and English
Official religion(s) None on a state level
Demonym Foster Islander or Fosterish
Government Direct Democracy under a Constitutional Oligarchy
- Man of Power Nathaniel Parks (SL)
- Secretary of Government William Forsman (DR)
- Moderator of Congress Mia Hoffman (SL)
Legislature Moderated Civilian Congress
- Type - Bicameral
- Number of seats - 21
- Last election - April 21st, 2017
Established April 21st, 2013
Area claimed ≥320 acres
Population 26
Currency Kredit (ÔЦ)
Time zone EST
National sport Hunting
National dish Ribley soup
National drink Citrus water
National animal Mountain Lion
Internet Domain .fir (Proposed)
Seats in the Congress are limited to the population.

Foster Island Republic Website


The Foster Island Republic (/ˈfôstərˈaɪlənd ri-ˈpə-blik/, Bayetsk: Fôster Yaktash Respublika) is an island nation in north-eastern North America that was formed in 2013. Its current capital is North Point and its largest city is Baikal. The Foster Island Republic shares no land borders, but it is located only miles from the United States of America, Canada, and the Federation of Bay Island Republics.

The Foster Island Republic was once owned by the Rockefeller family in the 1960's and 70's. Before the Rockefeller family sold the island, they placed a conservation easement on the northern part of the property, this easement continued through the state of Maine.

The Foster Island Republic claimed sovereignty in 2013 following a vote by Nathaniel Parks, Alex Schmit, and William Forsman. It is a founding member state of the Bayetsk League and the Narraguagus Bay defense forces.


The name comes from the original name of the island, "Foster". Originally, the republic was called the "Doberman Island Republic". This changed after a majority of people held a referendum to change the name.


Before the Foster Island Republic formed, Foster Island had gone through a history all of its own. In the 60's and 70's, the Rockefeller family owned the island. The island at the time had multiple buildings on the southern half and a few cabins in the Vazikobar region. After a few years, Mr. Rockefeller had the state of Maine place a conservation easement on the northern half of the island, then put it on the market.

In 2009, a group tried claiming Foster Island as the "model place" for their convention centre. This centre would have hotels, swimming pools, and a village of "paradise". This group lost interest in the idea, as they could never raise enough funds to purchase the island.

In 2013, Nathaniel Callen Parks selected Foster Island as the land for his new nation, the "Doberman" Island Republic. He informed his friends Alex Schmit and William Forsman, who later became the founders of the Schmit and Forsman Families of Power. Later in 2013, the Republic recruited Blake Williams to fill the role as the Fourth Family of Power. Also in 2013, the "Doberman" Island Republic changed its name to the "Foster" Island Republic. This change was due to multiple citizens voting on the matter.

On April 21, 2013, The Foster Island Republic's "Fosterish Council" declares independence from the United States

In 2014, the Foster Island Republic celebrated its first Foundation Day celebration. After this celebration, the council met to create new specifications and laws. This lead to the creation of a new constitution, as well as a new series of government ministries.

On November 8th, 2014, a referendum was held to remove Alex Furniss from the position of treasurer.

On November 10th, 2014, the Foster Island Republic introduced a new Coat of Arms.

On April 21st, 2014, The Foster Island Republic held national a national vote to determine the status of the Military's "Constitution Zone" suggestion. The majority voted in favor of Fosterish forces being deployed across the "Bayetsk Triangle".

On June 5, 2015, The Fosterish people elected Alex Schmit as Moderator of Congress.

On July 18, 2015, The Fosterish people elected Alex Furniss as the Minister of Education.  

On October 16, 2015, Foster Island Expeditionary Forces (1st Expeditionary Forces) performed drills in Central Illinois.

On November 7, 2015, Alex Schmit is removed from Moderator of Congress by the Man of Power and Alex Furniss is appointed to the position.

On April 23rd, 2016, the Foster Island Republic expelled the Williams and Schmit Grand Oligarchical Houses and replaced them with the house of Furniss.

On October 20th, 2016, Alex Furniss forms the Federal Libertarian Party.

On December 25, 2016, Alex Furniss renames the Federal Libertarian Party to the Fosterish Constitution Party.


The Foster Island Republic is a secular state. The Foster Island Republic's culture is influenced by its population's diversity.

Ethnic Backgrounds

The Foster Island Republic is a diverse nation with many different people of many different ethnic backgrounds. In the Foster Island Republic, there are Germans, Italians, Dutch, Luxembourgers, East Slavic, West Slavic, Choctaw, Paiute, and British ethnics.

Bayetsk ethnic group

All Fosterish citizens that are of mixed heritage or are native to the northern sector of the Foster Island Republic are said to be Bayetsk. The Bayetsk people are said to be descended from tribal inhabitants of the islands of the Narraguagus bay. However, there is no proof backing this claim. The Bayetsk people have their own alphabet and language. Bayetsk is the main language of the northern states.


Though the Foster Island Republic is secular, there are many people that follow Christian based religions in the Foster Island Republic. These include Catholics, Orthodox, Baptists, Methodists, and Deists.


The Foster Island Republic's official dish is Ribley Soup. It consists of dumplings and roast beef cooked in beef broth.


Political Traditions

The Foster Island Republic's Man or Woman of Power system allows for a head of state that participates more in traditions rather than politics.


Fosterish education is operated by Educational Districts, regulated by the Ministry of Culture. In the Northern School District, children must go to school from ages 5-25. In the Southern School District, children must go to school from ages 5-15, then they may choose to attend University in Baikal.

Protection of Culture

The Foster Island Republic's Ministry of Culture is in charge of cultural and linguistic conservation in the nation. This ministry only makes changes by popular vote, the Family of Power, Secretary of Government, and Moderator of Congress are not allowed to vote on cultural or educational changes.


The Foster Island Republic’s government was officially formed on April 21st of 2013. Originally, the government was a four person council devoted to forming a unified Fosterish state. Once this mission was accomplished, the council separated and established their own states. Since then, some of the original council members have stepped down. The land was then absorbed into other larger states.

The Foster Island Republic’s government is involved in many different political affairs. It is directly involved in international diplomacy. Holding relations with twelve independent states, all except for three are considered allies of the Fosterish Government. The Fosterish Government is also involved in one regional organization. The Bayetsk League is a cooperative military, economic, cultural, and educational organization within the “Bayetsk Triangle”. The Foster Island Republic founded and disbanded the Multinational Alliance Association. The alliance was active in  2013-2014.

The Ministry of The Interior is responsible for the education, protection, and investments of the Fosterish people. Being active since 2014, the Ministry has made a major impact on the average Foster Islander’s life. The Ministry of the Interior is directly responsible for the “National Citizens Mandatory Service Act”.

The Foster Island Constitution is the supreme law of the republic. It gives the people a metric to judge how the government is performing, and  prevent tyranny.


The Foster Island Republic rewrote the "Articles of Independence and Status Quo" on April 23rd, 2016. This version implemented strict regulations against the government. The Fosterish government passed this by way of the council of three.



Standard Issue SIG M400, this particular type issued to soldiers involved in military operations that take place in arid environments

The Fosterish military is what defines the republic, and makes it unique. Military traditions and ideals are deeply rooted into the Fosterish culture. The military was made a priority by the original “council members” during some of their first sessions. Funding for the military had become the first national treasury issue. In 2013, the Fosterish Government had officiated the dress and combat uniform for all branches.


The Fosterish Army is in charge of ground operations lead by the Fosterish military. The Army was the first branch to be officially established by the Moderated Civilian Congress. The guns the army use include DSA FALs, as the main battle rifle, SIG M400s as the main assault rifle, Ruger 10/22 FIRCQMs as the main cadet rifle, the Remington 870s as the main sentry weapon and Remington 700s as the main sniper rifle. The Army also uses the SIG P250 and FC APICK for backup weaponry.


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All Purpose Infantry Combat Knife (APICK) issued to Fosterish Military Forces.

Army service is a requirement for all Fosterish citizens that range from age 18-25. All citizens who join the military, whether they be at the minimum age of 18 or the maximum age of 25, must serve 7 years in the Conscript Corps.

FIRNAVY new Flag (Option 2)

The Fosterish Naval flag. The three stars represent the three original states of the Foster Island Republic and the three original families.

Fosterish Roundel

The Fosterish Air Force roundel.


The Fosterish Navy was established three days after the Army was. The Navy is in charge of all sea based operations the Foster Island Republic must endure. Sailors in the Fosterish navy are issued SIG M400s as patrol rifles and Remington 870s for ship clearing. The Fosterish naval flag was designed by Nathaniel Parks on September 3rd, 2014. This was following the Naval Enrichment Act passed by the Moderated Civilian Congress in August.

Air Force

The Fosterish Air Force is in charge of all air based operations the Foster Island Republic must endure. The Air Force was established on the same day as the Navy. All Airmen are issued a SIG P250, SIG M400, and the All Purpose Infantry Combat Knife. The Air Force roundel was designed by Nathaniel Parks on November 20th following requests by William Forsman. The Air Force is the only branch that is authorized to wear berets with their midnight blue dress uniforms.

Special Interior Operations Brigade

The Special Interior Operations Brigade is the Foster Island Republic's national police service. The SIOB is under the Ministry of the Interior and act as the fourth branch of the Foster Island Republic's military. The SIOB is in charge of border safety, internal security, and cyber-security. The Special Interior Operations Brigade is akin to the FBI and CIA of the United States.

SIOB Banner

Special Interior Operations Brigade banner. The gold swords over the tri-color flag represent protection of the Fosterish people.


There are many subtle differences between the SIOB and other branches. For example, SIOB operatives have the right to arrest criminals. They also are allowed to wear the double breasted black dress uniform and are allowed to use alternate firearms. This is due to the fact that the SIOB is technically a national police, which means they have a different overall mission than any other branch in the Fosterish military.


The Foster Island Republic's currency, the Kredit, is a steel coin designed by Will Forsman. The Kredit also has a paper variation, this paper bill is called the Kredawtse. The Kredawtse looks similar to a receipt, and it is backed by steel ingots.

States and Territories

The Foster Island Republic is divided into three states and one Semi-Autonomous territory. The states from top to bottom are North State, Dasmundie (Alternatively known as Centralia), and South State. All three of these states have been around since the beginning of the republic. The Semi-Autonomous territory, however, is a new addition to the nation. Cow Island (Semi-Autonomous Republic of Cow Island) joined the republic a year after establishment.


The Foster Island Republic operates under a three party system. This system dictates that one Grand Oligarchical House will represent one political party. In the Foster Island Republic, the Parks family represents the Social Libertarian Party, the Forsman family represents the Democratic Republican Party, and the Furniss family represents the Fosterish Constitution Party.

Currently, all three parties are represented with in the government. The Social Libertarians holding on to the "Man of Power" seat in the council of three.

Foreign Affairs

Recognition of "Micro" Nations

The Foster Island Republic grants de facto recognition to all microstates that meet specific qualifications. The Foster Island Republic has alliances with Mount Henadas, Cat Republic, Federation of Bay Island Republics, and the Republic of New England. The FIR also hold pacts of mutual recognition with the Princedom of Aysellant, Consulat of Surland, the Principality of Sabovia, the Autocracy of the Slavaic Union, and the Principality of Lyonesse

Recognition of "Macro" Nations

The Foster Island Republic recognizes all United Nations member states. The Foster Island Republic also officially recognizes Somaliland, Kurdistan, Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Taiwan, and Novorossiya.

Recognized claims

In the past, the Foster Island Republic did not recognize the United Kingdom's claim of Northern Ireland. However, the Fosterish people had decided to recognize the claim, as it was shown the majority of Northern Irish wish to remain British citizens. A similar situation happened when Russia claimed Crimea.


Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra. Cond. Elliot Walker. Do you Hear The People Sing - Orchestra/Military Brass Version (Les Misèrables). 2014. MP3.

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