The Fransic Empire is a nation landlocked by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and has a handfull of citizens. The  current and first reigning emperor is Emperor Frans I , the creator of the empire (and this page).

General information


Flag of the Fransic Empire

The empire had been in one minor conflict. The conflict was a territorial struggle for an island in a ditch in the hometown of the emperor. One of the emperor's friends, who grew up with the island and has emotional bonds with it, refused to let the island in question fall in Fransic hands. The emperor (then king) went to the island with another friend to confront the "hostile" friend  on a given time. After being threatend with a water gun (with dirty ditch water in it), the "hostile" friend surrendered and let the empire have the island instead. Afterwards, he walked over to the imperial side.

The emperor has plans to create a space program, but has not carried out any action towards creating a space program.

The territory of the empire consists of the emperor's bedroom and the island in the ditch.

Because of financial problems, the empire announced that it will accept bribes.

October 20th, the emperor's birthday, is a national day of celebration.

The empire has first been a kingdom, then a socialist state, then again a kingdom and now an empire.


The empire is an absolute monarchy, with the emperor electing ministers and controlling the Imperial Armed Forces of the Fransic Empire. in cases of doubt, the emperor may order a democratic election.

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