Free Cockatiel Party (FCP)
Free Cockatiel Party Flag
Party Name Free Cockatiel Party
Micronation(s) Cockatiel Empire
Leader Anthony Smith
Founded August 27, 2011
Political Information
Political Ideology Conservatism
Political Position Right
International Affilation(s) none at the moment
Colours Black, Blue
Party Anthem none

The Free Cockatiel Party (FCP) is a political party in the Cockatiel Empire. There is a youth wing called the Young Conservatives of the Cockatiel Empire and a student wing called the Student Conservatives of the Cockatiel Empire. Most of the politicians are a part of the Free Cockatiel Party.


The Free Cockatiel Party is one of two original political parties in the Cockatiel Empire (the other one being the Cockatiel Green Party. The party was formed on August 27, 2011 by President Anthony Smith, the founder of the Cockatiel Empire.


Members of the Free Cockatiel Empire typically have right-wing ideologies. For example, members of FCP do not agree with amnesty to illegal aliens entering the Cockatiel Empire. Another example is that members of the Free Cockatiel Party believe in less government and more freedom to the citizens.