Free Kingdom of Aviama
UnknownAliama - Coat of Arms

"Sepulcros às injustiças em virtude do soerguimento."
"Liberty Wings"
Capital city Aviama City
Official language(s) Portuguese and English
Official religion(s) Healyanism
Demonym Aviaman
Government Multiple Monarchy
- King/Queen Augusto Recaneli, Adrielly Gomes, Victor Rodrigues and Mariana Campos.
Established March 29, 2015
Population 5
Currency NEO Cruzados
Time zone UTC 3-
National sport League of Legends
National dish Tomato Candy
National drink Wine
National animal Red Fox and Turtle

Aviama, offically the Free Kingdom of Aviama (Reino Livre de Aviama), is a micronation that was founded on March 29, 2015 by Augusto Recaneli, Mariana Campos, Alícia Matias and Adrielly Gomes.


The Name Aviama is the result of joining the names Augusto (A), Victor (VI), Adrielly (A) and Mariana (MA).

Government and politics

The Kingdom of Aliama is a multiple monarchy composed by four kings. The current government is led by Augusto Recaneli, Mariana Campos, Adrielly Gomes and Victor Rodrigues.

After the expulsion of Alícia Matias, Victor joined the government and started an age of iluminati influence.

Pamela Pereira gained the "Consort Princess" title after marrying Queen Mariana Campos.

Law and order

Currently, all sentencing and justice falls are under the jurisdiction of King Victor Rodrigues.

Foreign relations

Comunidade Democrática da Sororidade.

República Esperantista de Zercit.

República Nasseira dos Estados Unidos de Casco de Rolha


Aliama doesn't have an army yet, but it's planned to construct a military base as soon as possible to reinforce the political influence.


The Established Currency of Aliama is the Neo Cruzados, its Current exchange rate is $1 Real (Brazil) to $100 Neo Cruzados.


The Aliaman culture is very influenced by Brazilian culture but has its own aspects when it comes to cuisine, religion and politics.


The National Anthem of Aliama, "Liberty Wings", is being produced by the own kings.