Free republic of Liberland

Žít a nechat žít! To live and let live!
National athnem of the Free Republic of Liberland

Location of Liberland
The location of Liberland
Capital city Gornja siga
Official language(s) Czech,English
Official religion(s) All religions are accepted
Short name Liberland
Government Constitutional republic with elements of direct democracy
- President Vit Jedlička
- Type - Direct Democracy
Established 13th April 2015
Area claimed 7 km²
Population About 300.000 (70.000 Citizenship requests are proper)
Currency Merit
Time zone UTC +1


The Free Republic of Liberland is a micronation located on the Croat-Serb border on the Danube river, on the territory the president of Liberland Vit Jedlička is the territory neither of Croatia or Serbia because it wasn't claimed for about 24 years.It is about 7 km² (which is three times larger than Monaco) and 98% is covered in forests.There are currently no residents,but there are a few houses.The project is supported by 80 wealthy persons who have diplomatic connections in order to fully found Liberland. Liberland also currently uses Crowd funding as it's fund resource.

Liberland is a constitutuonal republic with no army (and doesn't have the plans to do so), who's elected president is Vit Jedlička, welcomes people from all around the world, who can contribute in any way, for the project.

The people of Liberland are currently facing problems with entring Liberland territory, since the Croatian Police is blocking the border and not letting the citizens enter their own country.


Liberland is located on the Croat-Serb border wedged on the western side of the Danube River. In the claimed territory, there are two separate bodies of land, Mainland and Liberty Island. Currently, there has been no data of the land available due to the inaccessibly currently.

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Image outlining the Liberland territory. Left: Liberty Island Right: Mainland


The flag raising in Gornja Siga was performed by Vit Jedlička and some of his associates at the same day the republic was proclaimed.Vit Jedlička is a member of the Czech Party of Free Citizens, which bases its values on the classical liberal ideology.As he kept failing in geting elected while he was in the Czech Republic, he decided to start his own country based on liberal ideology and that is Liberland.


The name itself comes from the word "Liberty" which means freedom.


The flag of Liberland raising in Gornja Siga.

Goverment and Economy

Liberland is an economically and personally free and liberal micronation, where the power of politicans is very limited ,so it doesn't destroy the freedom and the rights. In Liberland, voting system will be electronic. Paying taxis in Liberland is entirely optional. 

Liberland Settlement Association (LSA)

The LSA is an idealistically founded non-profit association,dedicated to the practical work of establishing Liberland as an independent and a free sovereign state and establishing a permanent settlement within it.The LSA was formed in Switzerland but it also accepts members from other nations.

You can find it's official website here:

Chilli sacce-800x450

Chili sauce,grown and farmed inside Liberland by an LSA volunteer.

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A proposed urban-city map design for Liberland.


Liberland citizenship, is available to apply. It is offered to the people who don't support ideologies like communism or facisim or have the intention to harm and (or) enslave other citizens.

Current Citizenship Statistics

  • Egypt 82 414 
  • Turkey 44 552
  • Algeria 36 088
  • Morocco 19 654
  • Tunisia 15 094
  • Syria 9 667
  • US 9 136
  • Iraq 8 689
  • Jordan 8 199
  • Pakistan 5 937
  • Palestine 5 889
  • Russia 5 755
  • Serbia 5 647
  • India 4 900
  • Yemen 4 381
  • France 4 343
  • Brazil 4074 
  • UK 3 731
  • Sudan 3 659
  • Saudia Arabia 3 626
  • China 3 502
  • Mexico 3 335
  • Italy 3 250
  • Argentina 3 062
  • Hungary 2 821
  • Spain 2 811
  • Ukraine 2 730
  • Lebonan 2 600
  • Nepal 2 140
  • Canada 1936
  • Libya 1928 
  • Colombia 1 911
  • Germany 1 862
  •  Venezuela 1 812
  • Isreal 1 780
  • Romania 1 657
  • Slovakia 1 626
  • Croatia 1 489
  • B.A.H 1 335
  • Bulgaria 1 252
  • UAE 1 224
  • Australia 1 175
  • Afghanistan 1 130
  • Azerbaijan 1 094
  • Iran 1 090
  • Nigeria 1 021
  • Netherlands 1 017

​Total: 381,402  Eligible: 71,220


Liberland plans to become a densely populated urban area as the population of the nation grows. Liberland is recognized by many individuals and micronations, but it has not yet received recognition from the neighboring Serbia, Croatia, any nations, or major world organizations, such as the United Nations.


The Laws of Liberland are particularly similar to the US Law in the many charges. The Laws are being amended currently and do not represent the laws until proven so.

Laws of The Free Republic of Liberland


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