Free State of Erik Red's Land (Faroese: Eirik Reyda Land) is a territory claimed by the Faroe Islands. This "protectorate" is located in western Greenland. It's considered uninhabitated but there are two former Norwegian weather stations, since Norway claimed it in the 1930s. The Norwegians then abandoned the claim, but 25/11/2016 the Faroe Islands claimed it because "the Danish annexation of Erik Red's land was illegal". However, King Anfinn I of the Faroese realm promises to abandon the claim "if Denmark itself decides to recognize our independence". Erik Red's Land's capital is Antarktikhavn and second center is Myggbukta.


The land is named after a king of Norway, Erik Red.


Faroe Islands maintains the territory as a protectorate. In the Faroese realm's sense, prrotectorates have a large autonomy and right to form relations with other countries without asking the Faroe Islands itself. They could also secede via a refendrum. However neither of these is probably going to happen in the current conditions, as the land has not got a Governor-General.

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