Free State of Paladonia
The Paladonian flagPaladonian flag

We shall stand together
Ode to Joy
Along the west coast of Scotland
Capital city Paladonia
Largest city Paladonia
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Paladonia
Demonym Paladonian
Government Moralistic clan-rule
- Clan Palad
Established 2012
Population 1
Currency Paladonian Pounds (PLP)
Time zone UTC (+0)
National dish Haggis
National drink Water from the Holy Brook
National animal Highland Cattle


The Free State of Paladonia is a moralistic clan-ruled society, situated along the western coast of Scotland. The clan in power is the clan of Palad.


The State of Paladonia was first founded by a catholic Scottish clan, that wanted to create the perfect catholic state. The clan elders claimed two Islands along the Scottish coast for Paladonia, but the elders couldn't gain the support of the rest of the clan, and the project was abandoned. Then, in our era, a Dutchman revived Paladonia as the Free State of Paladonia, which was meant to create the perfect state for anyone willing to live there in peace and quiescence.


The Free State of Paladonia is ruled by a group clan elders. Oftentimes decisions are made through consultancy of all the different clans that inhabit the state. However, the Palad clan retains veto rights. Citizens can form clans together, which can decide on many undertakings together as they please.

Diplomatic Relations

Flag Nation Head of state Diplomatic Relation
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