Autonomous Republic of the Grand Duchy of Freedonia (Subject of the F.A.R.T.)

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Official language(s) English, Yiddish
Short name Freedonia
Demonym Freedonian
- Imperial Chancellor Viscount Harvey I
Established 21 March 2015
Population 2
Currency Imperial F.A.R.T. Dollar

The Autonomous Republic of the Grand Duchy of Freedonia, shortened Freedonia, is a state of the Provisional Territories of the F.A.R.T.

It is populated by Viscount Harvey I, Imperial Chancellor of the state, as well as his aide, a dog. An additional resident, the ex-wife of Harvey I, also lives within Freedonia, though she is classified as an illegal immigrant and could potentially face deportation.

Freedonia is based upon the principles of the fictitious country by the same name from the Marx Brothers' film Duck Soup, and is thus considered Marxist in more ways than one.

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