Republic of Fundy

"Quando omni flunkus moritat" Pseudo-Latin for "When all else fails, play dead."
To be announced
South West New Brunswick
Capital city Saint Andrews, NB, Canada
Largest city Saint Stephen, NB, Canada
Official language(s) English, French
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Fundian
Government Direct Democracy with unelected President
- Prime Minister To be appointed
- President Cody Joshua Ferris
Legislature Fundy Micronational Assembly
Established July 27, 2013
Area claimed 3,424.33 km2 (1,322.14 sq mi)
Population 26,549
National drink Rum
National animal Atlantic Salmon, Moose
Patron saint St. Example
Internet Domain (proposed) .example
This nation is a a member of the Example Organisation

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The Republic of Fundy  is a maritime direct democracy situated in Southwest New Brunswick along the Fundy Bay coast, that was founded on July 27th, 2013 by President Cody Joshua Ferris.


Fundy Republic takes its name from the Bay of Fundy.Some sources believe the name "Fundy" is a corruption of the French word "Fendu", meaning "split",[1] while others believe it comes from the Portuguese fondo, meaning "funnel"


The Fundy Republic was founded on July 27th, 2013, as a project country to unite the people of Charlotte County, New Brunswick.

Government & PoliticsEdit

The Fundy Republic is a direct democracy, with an unelected President. Al citizens of the Fundy Republic are members of the Fundy Micronational People's Assembly known as Fellows of the Republic. 

Law & OrderEdit

Law & order is the responsibility of the Canadian Government.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Fundy is currently working on relations with other nations &  micronations


The official policy of Fundy is permanent neutrality unless Canada is under attac.

Geography & ClimateEdit

609px-Map of New Brunswick highlighting Charlotte County

Fundy Republic is a micronation in New Brunswick, Canada. Highlighted in red.

Located along the Fundy Bay in Southwest New Brunswick with a temperate climate. There are 6 municipalities across the region. 

Official Name Status Area km2 Population Census Ranking
St. Stephen Town 12.43 4,817 730 of 5,008
Grand Manan Village 150.78 2,377 1,186 of 5,008
St. Andrews Town (Capital) 8.35 1,889 1,379 of 5,008
St. George Town 16.13 1,543 1,586 of 5,008
Campobello Rural community 39.59 1,056 1,986 of 5,008
Blacks Harbour Village 8.90 982 2,099 of 5,008


The Republic's economy is centered around tourism, aquaculture and coastal industries. St.Stephen is the areas center for retail and home of Ganong's Chocolate factory. Saint Andrews is a resort town and the Republic's capital, the town is centered on tourism and is a small quiet college town during the winter. Saint George is hub for the aquaculture community. Cooke's Aquaculture and Connors Brothers are important employers in the region.



The flag of Fundy is a tri-band green, white and blue from top to bottom with a fiddlshead on the top left corner. The green represents the rural inland parts of Fundy. The blue is for the Bay of Fundy and the fiddlehead is local to the region.

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