Sangheili Solace Greater Unit of a National Empire

For glory along with peace
Advance G.U.N
Philadelphia, PA
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Catholic, Judaism, Islam
Short name G.U.N Empire
Demonym Sangheili
Government Capitalist
- President N Harmonia
- Army General Michael Polidoro
Established 2007
Disestablished 2011 (Sangheili Communist Victory in the Sangheili Civil War
Currency U.S Dollar
Time zone New York

The G.U.N Empire was a empire micronation in Philadelphia, established in 2007 and was completely destoryed by the Sangheili Communists, Russia, China, Iran and Sweden in the Sangheili Civil War in 2011. All that remains of the G.U.N Empire were all killed by the Greater Sangheili Communist People's Union.

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