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If you want to be a member of GMA , Please read this terms carefully :

  • All of nations allowed to be a member, except illegal parties.
  • Your nation should be recognized by general secretary
  • You have to recognize other members
  • You shall promise help other members (when they need your help, like wars)
  • You shall recognize other members' currency (like Schalamzaarian Sizaab , Leylandiistan Lira , ....)
  • Your colonies must be a member, too. 

How to be a member

  1. Add your nation to GMA wiki page.
  2. Call general secretary or vice secretary to recognize you in GMA.
  3. Add GMA flag to your nation's wiki page.


GMA has some councils :

  1. Grand Council
  2. Technology Council
  3. Health Council
  4. Security Council
  5. Economy Council
  6. Second Council.

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