Galactic Republic of Ceres
Ceres flagCeres CoA

We may not be recognized, but we're proud not to be
Unter dem Doppeladler (Under the Double Eagle)
Inner Solar System
Capital city Piazzi
Largest city Basi
Official language(s) Ceresi,English,German
Official religion(s) Cereslya
Demonym Ceresian
Government Democratic Republic
- Galactic President of Ceres Sebastian
- Deputy President Edward
Legislature Supreme Council Citizen's Council
Established 10/08/2012
Area claimed 2,850,000 sq km
Population 5
Currency Dawns
National drink Pure Water
National animal Blue Whale
Patron saint Giuseppe Piazzi

The Galactic Republic of Ceres is a Micronation claiming a very small part in Southern England aswell as the Dwarf Planet Ceres. It has been disputed wether the claim is legitimate but acording the to Outer Space Treaty however, The Galactic Republic says that if the treaty states that celestial bodys are an Inherited Human Resource then the Human Race should use them. The treaty also states that no nation should claim a celestial body but the Republic counters this claim saying that if the nations that sign the treaty reside on Earth, they have no right over Ceres.The Galactic Republic also shares very close relations with Carrum as they are both lead by the same leader. The Arch duchy of Lurk also claims Ceres and the President is in the middle of talks with the leader of Lurk about the claims.


The nation was founded after President Sebastian wanted a Utopia that was Sovereign and clear of Earth, a new start for Humanity. The nation was founded on the 10th of August of the year 2012 Earth time. The nation has many plans for the future, even though it may not be in our generation it is inhabited. The Galactic Republic has also sent messages to Nasa, England and the United States of America Governments but none have replied.

Ceres Galactic Security C.G.S

The Ceres Galactic Security are the armed forces of Ceres. The CGS is currently based in the Largest city of Ceres that resides on earth called Basi. The CGS uses the normal Combat Fatigues and the M1 Helmet. The CGS has 5 personel as every citizen is conscripted to serve in the CGS as an act of duty to the nation. The CGS has so far been on one training exercise with Carrum's armed forces. The CGS is hoping to

Galactic Republic Poster

one day travel to Ceres to esatblish the population there and fend off the attempts of Earth.

Making a home of Ceres

As you may know Ceres is a Dwarf Planet close by to us in our Solar System. The Ceres Government is planning on inhabiting the core of underground of the Planet, where the Ice and water can be found beneath the rocky surface. It has been estimated that Ceres has a weak atmostphere but with the ice in the core it should be stable enough for living in. The surface is about (average) 37c so the planet is substantiable for life. The plan is when Space Travel is a norm to be the first ones to get to Ceres and establish a community underground.