The Republic of Galiria was founded on February 9, 2018 with its constitution-statutes that were born in order to represent citizens of Galician origin, as well as those scattered around the world and for those other citizens who want and wish to belong freely, and with Clear motivation for the twinning of Galicia region of origin within the different, with a broad spectrum of minds, free and loving minds for our birthplace, Galicia. Its space-territory is the universe-virtual space and the infinite universe with reference to the Galician origin, sovereignly free as people and principles. Identityally the citizen of Galiria is "'good, generous, respectful, free, hospitable and rejecting violence' 'as a basic root of Galician. intrinsically linked to Galicia mother. Galiria claims requires and locates its territory-land in the universes of the network and the infinite known, with the right to obtain the status of parents.It is a democratic Republic. The Presidency democratically delegated by its citizens, with the Executive Power of all the citizens to take the decesiones of democratic way. The citizens of Galiria compose their population. Those over the age of 16 may request to be a citizen of Galiria with all rights without discrimination. They will have a document identifying Galiria DIG and PASS. Galira on your location, intended as a territory to be the nation, where its citizens share their uniqueness i can develop their needs and initiatives, in a space free and single. Republica de Galiria

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