Kingdom of Game City
Reino de Game City
GC Flag


Coat of Arms

Capital city Game City
Official language(s) English, Spanish
Official religion(s) Church of Notch
Government Constitutional monarchy (de jure)
Absolute monarchy (de facto)
- King Aston I
- President Woodywyatt
Legislature The Government Monarchy
Established 2013
Area claimed 2000 m2
Population 11
Currency Erin

Game City, or the Kingdom of Game City, is a self-proclaimed sovereign state or micronation, mostly focused online on PSN, located in the world of Minecraft. It is a city-state, governed by a constitutional monarchy with a King as head of state and a President as head of government.


The land which would eventually become the kingdom we have today was originally shared by all. A barren, anarchic paradise without an actual government. But people wished to have supremacy and power over others, so a Great War ensued to determine whether there should be political and economic equality or not. After a long struggle, forces led by Astonviggo eventually established a monarchy in the land; uniting the peoples under one leader, one flag and one kingdom.

The Kingdom of Game City was first constructed and founded by King Aston I on December 7th, 2013. The first ever building in the country was a small quaint bar, named Viva Bar. After the first few months of progress, Game City was nothing more than a single road with a few buildings, but after a year, Game City was a vast city with tens of buildings, many roads and various career choices.

Aston I was crowned King, and the first few civilians joined the ever-growing city. Later in the future, JaimeGamer99 was officially made the President (prime minister) of the huge city-state, with few limitations of power, and Woodywyatt was named Mayor of the city, with a much larger amount of power limitations. The three then began building together and increased the size of the city even faster.

By 2015, Game City had developed enormous size and government meetings became frequent. Canderi was named Vice-President after Aston I realised they required more people to assist with certain tasks.

In 2016, the city had made a real democratic political system. The King had agreed to eventually crown a Prince or Princess, who has not yet been selected. Also, a new police and military system were established and a school for learning for the underage (everyone under 14 years of age).

JaimeGamer99 was demoted to Mayoral state, for his rising inactivity, giving Woodywyatt the title of President.

2017 became a troublesome year, as certain technological difficulties were met, that are still being dealt with today. Despite the troubles, the economy gained some new success after the King and the President officially introduced a new currency called Erin (singular and plural), which replaced the old system revolving around bricks and minerals.


Game City is set in a superflat, non flaura covered world. Mountains are non existent at the moment and oceans are not present within the country's area. Game City is currently approximately 2000 m2 and 1000 metres long.


Game City is a democratic constitutional monarchy, currently led by King Aston I. who has been on the throne since the city-state's creation in 2013.

Politics before 2016 weren't like the politics existing today. Instead of holding general elections, the King hand picked the hardest working and most trusted to be his official executive workers. In 2016, general elections were introduced, so nowadays the President of the Government is elected democratically by the people.

The name of the government was and still is called the 'Government Monarchy' (G.M. for short). It basically acts as a power ranking system between the rulers of Game City. The order goes as explained below :

- King ( Aston I ) : The King, unlike many places now and today, imitates the older times when the King had absolute power over practically everything. He has the power to change laws, change currency, command the construction of new buildings... As captain general , he also has supreme command over the military.

- Prince/ess ( Currently Unknown ) : The Prince/ess is a bit of a mystery in the Game City world, taking in mind that this idea came only recently by the king, and there is currently none nor has there ever been a Prince/ess. The title's holder is supposed to have near equal power to the King. He/she manipulates armies, territory, laws... With the only need of authorisation from the King. The Prince/Princess is also the heir and future King or Queen of Game City, even if the King and the successor are truly non related.

- President ( woodywyatt ) : Has a large amount of power, but with fair limitations. For instance, the King can make decisions wile the president makes suggestions. The presidential degree is mostly in charge in actual politics and is obligatory to own his own political party. Since 2017, presidents have officially become elected in democratic elections by the people only, and the King has no more involvement in picking the right president. The current President is woodywyatt of the Labour Party.

- Mayor ( JaimeGamer99 ) : Don't be mistaken, the mayor is not mayor of a single town ( as there still isn't any separate towns from the city ). The mayor is similar in power to the president when it comes to power over the city, but has more limitations and does not partake in any political paries. The selection of the mayor is still a job of the King.

- Vice-President (canderi12) : The Vice-President is not entirely a ' powerful leader of any sorts '. They are simply the official assistants of the president. They do however, receive the many privileges that Game City official G.M. occupants do. The current Vice-President is canderi of the Labour Party.

- Vice-Mayor ( Hewrrick ) : The Vice-Mayor is the least powerful of the G.M. occupants. They are assistants of the Mayor and practically live as residents, bearing near to no power at all. Like the Vice-President however, they receive the benefits of being a G.M. member.

In general elections, citizens can vote for one of two candidates, representing two political parties which have different ideologies and social plans. The current political parties are the Conservative Party (represented with the colour blue), which generally supports big businesses, the rich and strongly supports the Royal Family; and the Labour Party (represented with the colour red), which is more of a leftist party that supports the working class and the poor, and doesn't get involved with royalty as much as the Conservatives.



The country's official religion is the Church Of Notch, or Notchism (which places Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft; as the supreme God and deity of the universe). It is not obligatory to be religious, but the majority of citizens visit the church every now and then to pray and pay homage to the creator Notch.


Although Game City traditions are few, some include Saint Cleansington Day on the 28th February, the raising of the Supreme Christmas Tree of Blessing in December, and National Construction Day on the 7th December (the day of the creation of Game City).


The currency of Game City is called Erin.