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The Bird, The famous symbol of Garagstan

The Garagstan FAO Awards was an Awards ceremony hosted every 4 months and was arranged by the Garagstani Government. The awards honored the nations and individuals that the Principality of Garagstan feels have done a good job since the last ceremony. The awards were only given once, in August of 2010, before being replaced by the Garagstani Honours.

The Awards

Best Organization Award


  • AMU
  • OAM

Winner: OAM

Best Ally Award


  • Zonian Conferderacy
  • Slinky Empyre
  • Tsarist Empire Of Gishabrun
  • Kingdom Of Zealandia

Winner: Tsarist Empire Of Gishabrun

Friendliest Individual Award


  • HIM Tsar Kuri I
  • Kyng Fyrst
  • Alexander Reinhardt
  • Philip Fish

Winner: Kyng Fyrst

Friendliest Nation Award


  • Slinky Empyre
  • Egtavia
  • St. Charlie
  • Rukora

Winner: Slinky Empyre

Best Flag Design Award (Just For Fun)


  • United Provinces Under Chance
  • Rukora
  • Egtavia
  • Penrith
  • MGPRO A1

Winner: Egtavia

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