Fransay Garonnay
Principality of Garonne
Total speakers 1~3
Language family Italic
Writing system Latin alphabet

Garonese French is a written dialect of french, only spoken in the Principality of Garonne.

Differences with french Edit

The differences with french are the following :

  • The letter ç (as in "français") is replaced by an s, which is doubled if the ç is between two vowels (if it is preceded by an e, it will be prounced /e/).
  • The letter c (as in "ceci") is replaced by an s if it is pronounced /s/, but not if it's between two vowels.
  • The letter t (as in "attention") is replaced by an s if it is pronounced /s/, which is doubled if it's between two vowels.
    • If it's preceeded by a c, it will be replaced by an x.
French Garonese french English
français fransay french
ceci seci that (formal)
ça sa that (informal)
garçon garson boy
leçon lesson lesson
attention attension attention/warning
national nassional national
fraction fraxion fraction
  • If the letter i is in the diphtongs ai (pronounced /e/), oi(pronounced /wa/) or ui (pronounced /ɥi/) it's replaced by a y, and if it's succeeded by a silent letter, it will disappear (unless the word has a homophone).

French Garonese french English
français fransay french
lait lay milk
roi roy king
toi toy you/thou
toit toyt roof
puits puyt well (noun)
puis puys then
  • The circumflex accent is removed and words with it are spelled like in old french.
    • with a silent s after the vowels i and e and.
    • with a silent e before or after the vowel u.
  • It can also be removed after the vowels a and o
  • In the word "oignon" (where the i is silent) the i is removed.
French Garonese french English
âge age age
île isle island
fête feste party
rôdeur rodeur ranger
sûr seur sure
oignon onyon onion
  • Words that end in -ique now end in -ic
French Garonese french English
britannique britannic british
Armorique Armoric Armorique
magnifique manific magnificent/beautiful
  • When the letter g is silent before an n, it gets removed.
    • If not, then the letter combination gn (pronounced /ɲ/) is replaced by ny.
French Garonese french English
oignon onyon onion
baignoire baynoyre bathtub
magnifique manific magnificent/beautiful
mignon minyon cute
  • The diaeresis (ë, ï) replaced by the letter y (which will be pronounced /j/) before the vowel that originally had the diaeresis.
French Garonese french English
Noël Noyel Christmas
maïs mayis corn
aiguë, aigüe aguye, aigyue acute (fem.)
  • Some words differ from french althogether.
French Garonese french English
terre lande land (not "earth"

or "ground")

unsure Oye ! (pronounced /ɔj/ salutation
unsure Aye ! (pronounced /aj/) alternate form of "oye"

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