linga Garóna
Principality of Garonne
Total speakers 1
Language family Italic
Writing system Latin alphabet, sometimes Cyrillic

The Garonese Language is an unofficial language spoken only in the Principality of Garonne.


The alphabet is basically the Latin alphabet, but with added diacritics for the vowels and the ñ.

Letter Cyrillic IPA
Aa Aa a
Áá Aa aa
Ăă Яя ʲa
Bb Бб b
Cc Кк, Cc k, s
Dd Дд d
Ee Ee e, ɛ
Éé Ee ee
Ĕĕ Єє ʲe, ʲɛ
Ff Фф f
Gg Гг g
Hh Xx h
Ii Ii i
Íí Ii ii
Ĭĭ Ïï ʲi
Jj Йй j
Kk k (only used to write foreign words)
Ll Лл, Љљ l, ʎ (when doubled)
Mm m
Nn n
Ññ Њњ ɲ
Oo Oo o, ɔ
Óó Oo oo
Ŏŏ Ëë ʲo
Pp Пп p
Qq k (can only be followed by u to make /kw/)
Rr Pp ɾ, r (when doubled)
Ss Cc s
Tt t
Uu Уy u
Úú Уy yy
Ŭŭ Юю ʲu
Vv v
Ww Ўў w (only used to write foreign words)
Xx Ѯѯ ks
Yy Йй j (only used to write foreign words)
Zz Зз z, dz (when doubled)


Garonese's grammar highly resembles French's, on the word order, articles, etc.


  • Holá/Xoлaa - Hello
    • Salút/Caлyyт - Hi
  • Como va tú ?/Koмo вa тyy? - How are you ?
    • Ve bĕn, mercí/Be бєн, мepcii - I'm fine, thank you
  • Quil este tón namo ?/Kyiл ecтe тooн нaмo? - What's your name ?
    • Món namo este.../Mooн нaмo ecтe... - My name is...
  • Oreverro/Opeвeppo - Goodbye (literally "until next time")

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