Garside's call, is a micronational socialist song and the current national anthem of the Agrarian People's Republic of Surasia. The song honours the democratic socialist and Akebarian Minister of Defence, Robert Garside, a revered figure and national hero in Surasia.


Garside's call!
Garside's call!

He's calling the Decent and the Brave!
To rebuild their nation,
and to go forth and save,
the oppressed and the enslaved

Garside's call!
Garside's call!

Can you hear it Comrade?
For from the mountains to the little old village
workers of all lands are uniting
under the mighty slogan
"Peace, Land, Bread"
and all in the hands of the people!

Garside's call!
Garside's call!

For we fear not the tyrant nor the corrupt,
We have one master,
the people and the people alone!
No war. No poverty. No starvation. 

Garside's call!
Garsides's call!

He's calling you too Comrade!
The day of revelation has dawned,
and people of all lands will rise,
Greed and corruption are destined to the ashes!

Garside's call!
Garside's call!

Pyuis lyrics

Hasakmo Garsajdmaǵ
hasakmo Garsajdmaǵ

Śekan źitarãjã cãǵatcicos vezrekcicu cin cãǵatcicos tutumcicsu,
nekigur tośanciccako,
himigur cin ǵuligur,
cãǵatciccakos cin hveźokciccakos.

Hasakmo Garsajdmaǵ,
hasakmo Garsajdmaǵ,

Vec źok colar hasakmsigcico, cakonabao?
Gãn tojarãjã tupemǵono rãkņãjo hinņãju,
cuņos tośankunemmaǵo susãtarãjã,
timiśkmiko tutummiko,
"śekenot, busãmot, pãrãnot cãǵatzuzumos"

Hasakmo Garsajdmaǵ,
hasakmo Garsajdmaǵ,

Bihab nimadarãjã vimikcicos cin sãduccicos ricemcicu,
sãducos konar bihabcic,
sãdumkàcumos cebar cuņcakos,
nijahabo, nigrãnitot, niǵubitot

Hasakmo Garsajdmaǵ,
hasakmo Garsajdmaǵ,

Śekan moǵucarãjã źokcic, cakonabao,
gohabo revelaśu disirãjã,
cãǵatos tośankunemmaǵo susãtor.

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