Gazet van Giddis

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Gazet van Giddis
Format A4 Paper
Type Informative newspaper
Owner Black Sun Corporation
CEO Lyam Desmet
Founded 20 October 2009
Political Allegiance Neutral
Language Dutch & English
Website website
Distributed In Flandrensis

The Gazet van Giddis (English: The Gazet of Giddis) is a Dutch informative micronational newspaper of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis. It was founded the 20 October 2009.

The successor of the Flandrensis Times

On 20th October 2009 Lyam Desmet, CEO of the Flandrensis Times proclaims the end of this English newspaper. Although the Flandrensis Times was together with the St.Charlian Observer one of the most read micronational newspaper on MicroWiki, certain circumstances were the cause of the end of the Flandrensis Times.

" I’ve decided to quit with the Flandrensis Times because I believe that the freedom of speech and freedom of press, two important rights in the Constitution of Flandrensis, on Microwiki is limited. Also an English newspaper ask a lot of time and that is difficult to reconcile with the studies and work from some of our employees. It was not an easy decision but I have the full support of my employees. De Gazet of Giddis would be an informative newspaper about Flandrensis and micronationalism, because we now publish in Dutch it will be accessible for our citizens and we will no longer face barriers against our freedom of speech. I personally will not stop with intermicronational journalism, I am willing to write some articles for the St. Charlian Observer for whom I have great respect. I would also like to thank all the loyal readers of the Flandrensis Times."
( Lyam Desmet, 20 October 2009)

A company of the Black Sun Corporation

Following the creation of the Gazet van Giddis Lyam Desmet negotiate with Donovan of Gandensis, the CEO of Flandrensis Nieuws (English: Flandrensis News) to work together. At the last moment Lyam chose to work with Hein of Giddis, the founder of the Black Sun Corporation because Hein offered more autonomy.

The goal of the Gazet van Giddis

This newspapers is written in Dutch (the official language in Flandrensis) and is for the people of Flandrensis. The Gazet van Giddis writes informative articles (actual news and media is for the Flandrensis Nieuws) about Flandrensis and micronationalism.

The staff


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