Georgian Isoation Leage
Picture 2
Languages spoken English
Date founded July 2010
Population 3
Demonym Isoleagan
Governor Alexander

The Georgian Isolation League is a group of Georgian outcasts who formed a province under the United Provinces Under Chance in 2010. It was formerly run under a communist government with some socialist ideals but it is now run as a military junta, mirroring the form of government of the UPUC. The Georgian Isolation League was conceived in the Council room in the UPUC "over coffee and toast" and the communist values were formed through research of the Soviet Union. Though the Georgian Isolation League must conform to the UPUC, they claim to not be directly influenced by the micronation even if the UPUC says they are.


The Georgian Isolation League is proud of its military and the military honors a modified version of the ancient Samuri code of Bushido known as Cindar. The Armed Forces consist of a 1st Infantry Platoon, an Alpha Battalion, Echo Squad-Elite Shock Troopers and Zulu Squad-Black Ops Commandos. Soldiers are trained to utilize Airsoft Weapons and hand-to-hand combat as well as cybernetic warefare. The military rankings are as follows: Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Major, Colonel, Lieutenant, Commander, General and Chairman.

Picture 1

The Shock Trooper Corp Logo

This system is also used by the UPUC. Weapons include the M4A1 Panther Airsoft Rifle, the Berretta M9A3 BB Pistol and cybernetic armaments which include 8GB Data Charges capable of wiping entire computer systems and data worms that can infiltrate most computer systems.

Cybernetic Warfare Capabilities

The Georgian Isolation League claims to have access to ten computers with "full hacking capabilities" and also make claims that they can "infiltrate most Norton computer defenses and get past most encryptions".

Medals and Honor Awards


Various medals are given out for certain achievements, including;

  • Red Medallion of Honor - Awarded for singular acts of devotion and loyalty to the nation during a time of war.
  • Silver Bolt - Awarded for showing courage and insperation during wartime.
  • White Cross - Awarded for being wounded in a time of war.
Honor Awards

Honor awards are given for small acts of valor on the battlefield during wartime. A soldier may be awarded as many as ten Honor Awards in his/her career. Awards include the Blue Badge of Courage, the Red Badge of Insperation, the Black Badge of Daring and the Gold Badge of Honor.

Previous Military Deployment History

In 2009 Brett, committed traitorous actions against Supreme Commander Riley, who is recognized as one of the Georgian Isolation League's temporary Shock Captains. Brett was then banished for life and is today shunned by all citizens of both the UPUC and the GIL.

In 2010, the Georgian Isolation League entered into the experimental program, codenamed "Mafia." The programs members were considered highly dangerous and exelled at the series of "freindly competitions" that were held for the program. All enemies of the Mafia were defeated in battle and later drowned covertly by the CKA Leader Alexander with help from an associate "Swamp Donkey" whose real name will remain anonymous at this time. The GIL took part in the Second War for Victoria against istoria.

In Event of War

During a time of war, victory will be attempted purely through cybernetic warfare to avoid loss of life. However, should the time call for it, the First Infantry Battalion will be called upon to defend the nation. All communications with the outside will cease during this time.

Trade Connections

The Georgian Isolation League has trade and commerce connections through the UPUC and has a direct line of trade within 10 miles. Trade connections are managed by Connor.

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