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Not to be confused Gilla's predecessor, Kingdom of Gillia Template:Infobox nation 3 The Grand Imperial Mosaic Kingdom of Gillia or simply Gillia, is a micronation, which is currently recognized by several other micronations. Gillia is currently in an alliance with the Terra Silvae, and Hobian Republic. Gillia currently has one satellite state.


The name of Gillia comes from the founding and current Imperial King, Joshua Gill I's last name Gill and added the suffix -ia.


The Kingdom of Gilla was a constitutional theocratic monarchy formed in 2011 by King Joshua Gill I and re-established as the Kingdom of Gillia (an absolute theocratic  monarchy) in December 2013, which the government was later changed to a semi-absolute constitutional theocratic monarchy, it was changed back to an absolute theocratic monarchy in 2014, then collapsed a week later. The Imperial Kingdom of Gillia was formed. The official flag is the last flag of the historic Kingdom of Gillia and the official seal is the last coat of arms of Gillia. The Bible is the official constitution of Gillia and national book and the Struttura Governativa, a document that works like a constitution is in the making, this document protects citizen rights, Religious King power restrictions, and crown secession rule, and the judicial branch, other stuff. The Struttura Governativa is almost ready.

Foreign Relations


Diplomatic Relation

Recognised Nations

Received Recognition From

Recognised Macronations

  • Japan
  • United States
  • Italy
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Jamaica
  • Puerto Rico (As a independent nation)
  • Mexico
  • Turkish Republic of North Cyprus
  • Canada
  • Monaco
  • Australia
  • Jamaica

Barred from Relations


The Kingdom of Gillia currently uses the Gillian Lamaro come from King Joshua's middle name Lamar. 1 Gillian Lamaro is made from golden brass, and it is pegged to the value 0.17 grams of gold which is equal to 7.76.

Government and Politics

This Imperial Kingdom or Empire is rule by the Imperial King or Imperial Queen) (Emperor or Empress). The current monarch of Gillia is Joshua Gill. The monarch's style is His/Her Royal Excellency. The Imperial King and Imperial Queen are the heads of state and government The monarch's serve for life, and since this is a hereditary monarchy, the rule is passed a son of the monarchs, and he shall rule in the his parent's reign ends. The Imperial Kingdom consists of 4 principalities and regions (number of regions are not available right now). A Region is governed by a person with the title duke or duchess (usually the son or daughter). The principality is rule by a Grand Prince or Princess rules the principalities.