Town of Glencrannog
Founded 21 February 2009
Residents 0
Subjects 0
Language(s) spoken none
Jurisdiction Province of Nearloch, Duchy of Highland

Glencrannog is the smallest Town in the Empire of Austenasia, and with zero residents the least populated.


Glencrannog was bought online by Crown Prince Jonathan on 13 October 2008. He was thereafter granted the title "Laird of Glencrannog" by the organisation that the land was bought from. On 21 February 2009, Glencrannog was annexed by the Empire of Austenasia.


Glencrannog consists of a square foot of land in the Scottish Highlands. There are as of yet no notable features, but if an Austenasian visit takes place, the flag of the Empire is planned to be planted in the land.


Due to the tiny size and population of zero Glencrannog has no Representative, Town Council, Tax Collector or Police Inspector. The Baroness of Glencrannog is Vicereine Margaret, and Crown Prince Jonathan has kept Glencrannog's Lairdship, although neither have visited the territory (however the Crown Prince has expressed wishes to do so in the near future).

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