The Glorious Kingdom of New Britannia

In gloria nostri regionem
Capital city Stronghold
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Roman Catholicism
Demonym New Britannian
Government Absolute monarchy (likely to change in near future)
- High King HM High King Joseph Neobritannia I
Area claimed unknown
Population 20,000
Currency New Britannia Pounds
Time zone GMT+0
National animal Border Terrier

The Glorious Kingdom of New Britannia is a micronation located in Lancashire, England. At current the nation has approximately 20,000 citizens, reigned over HM The Lord High Imperial Master, Titan of Sacred Justice and Peace, Divine War Chief, High King Joseph Neobritannia I, who is the acting Head of State and absolute power within the nation.


Founded on the 5 April 2012 by HM High King Joseph Neobritannia I, New Britannia was made almost purely out of boredom. In the mid afternoon High King Joseph I declared his 7.5 square meter bedroom to be his own kingdom, in which all debates would be fair and all people would be equal.

The FlagEdit

The Golden Cross is one of the great prides of the Kingdom of New Britannia. The flag is made up of three main components which reflect different aspects of the nation's attitudes. The flag was designed by HM High King Joseph Neobritannia I sometime prior to the foundation of the kingdom.

The White SwordEdit

White sword

White Sword. Symbol of military might within the Kingdom

The White Sword is representative of the nations military which consists of HM High King Joseph Neobritannia I as Grand Protector (Head of the entire military). The New Britannian military vows to defend Stronghold (and by extension the whole of New Britannia) from threats as well as helping those in need outside of the nation

The CrossroadsEdit


The Crossroads of Ideals

The Crossroads of Ideals represents the coming together of varying points of view and opinions that occur in New Britannia. The High King has stated that national policy is to leave no concept unconsidered. All opinions will be debated fairly. All people will have the ability to voice their feelings and opinions on matters without fear of harsh judgement.

The StarEdit


The Star

The Star of New Britannia represents the culture and uniqueness of the kingdom. In the words of the High King "...the nation of New Britannia should act as a shining beacon to all people of the world." and this attitude is reflected in the Star. It symbolizes the innovative and accepting nature of nation and the feeling of pride and well-being that all people of the kingdom are entitled to.

Annexation of surrounding areaEdit

As of the 20th October 2012, the GKNB has claimed additional land and as a result gained an additional 20,000 people. By mercy of the High King, the primitive government that function in these new untamed regions have been allowed to continue operation as normal, but the land now belongs the the Kingdom.


Map of the Kingdom

These new regions have allowed the High King to ascend to the sacred rank of Lord High Imperial Master, however for convenience he will still be referred to as High King by his subjects.

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