Value 0.34 USD (Representitive Money)
Official User(s) Image Republic of New Goatannea
Symbol GC
Plural Goacons
Denominations Coins 0,05 0,5 1

Banknotes 5 10 20 50 100

Central Bank Democratic Reserve Bank of New Goatanea
Printer Democratic Reserve Bank of New Goatanea
The currency of New Goatannea "Goacons" is the widely used currency in New Goatannea, the names in the formation of the words Goat and Bacon, which are the national animal and national dish of New Goatannea, Money is in form of representitive money where you can trade actual money in for Goacons and purchase items using them, the seller then can redeem the Goacons for actual money, though actual money isn't useable in New Goatannea,

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