.:This language/dialect/writing-system is, as of yet, uncompleted, and, therefore, all of the information in this article is subject to warningless change:.

Spoken in Vetria
Total speakers none
Language family Constructed
Writing system Vetrianic languages
Language type Sobject Verb Object
Regulated by none

Goro-Vetrian (Gorowatras xWonesdī) is a constructed language currently in development in Vetria. It is mostly taken from Cherokee.


  • A a - [a] - a as in Italian word ragno
  • K k - [k] - k as in koala
  • D d - [d] - d as in duck
  • E e - [e] - e as in take ("a" before you start with "i")
  • G g - [g] - g as in game
  • X x - [x] - x as in Ukrainian name Шахтар (Shakhtar)
  • I i - [i] - i as in "E"
  • Ī ī - [i:] - i as in deed
  • Ï ï - [y] - ï as in French word tetu
  • J j - [j] - j as in yard (before you start saying "a")
  • L l - [l] - l as in litter
  • N n - [n] - n as in no
  • O o - [o] - closed o
  • P p - [p] - p as in park
  • R r - [r] - r as in Italian word "rima"
  • S s - [s] - s as in sick
  • T t - [t] - t as in tent
  • U u - [u] - u as in cow
  • W w - [w] - w as in wow
  • Z z - [z] - z as in rose


Kanzïjadnedi Ïxwandge go Ïwi Ndujegod; Udatgï 1.

  1. Agade ïwi alnedox ukwa udenï ekui ale adiged xa trïkwode ale ndujegod. An-ukwa adaxjed gdod apandli ale adelxoistenspi ale an-ase jadnex wendugod sakï nïdal xa adando gdod dendantlxidong.

(All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.)

Goro-Vetrian Cherokee English
Ozejo! ᎣᏏᏲ (O-si-yo) Hello!
Asd ᎣᏍᏛ (O-s-dv) Fine./Good.
Ïyo. ᎤᏲᎢ (U-yo-i) Bad.
Wado! ᏩᏙ (Wa-do) Thanks!/Thank you
Ï ᎥᎥ (V-v) Yes
Ta Ꮭ (Tla) No
Ljexis ᎤᎵᎮᎵᏍᏗ (U-li-he-li-s-di) You're welcome.
Ani ᎠᎭᏂ (A-ha-ni) Here
Naan ᎾᎿᎢ (Na-hna-i) There
Doigo ᏚᏳᎪᏛ (Du-yu-go-dv) Right
Agazni ᎠᎦᏍᎦᏂ (A-ga-s-ga-ni) Left
Ekwa ᎡᏆ (E-qua) Big/Great
Ozde ᎤᏍᏗ (U-s-di) Small/Little
Otlogai ᎤᏟᎢᎦᎢ (U-tli-i-ga-i) More
Gjolga ᎦᏲᎵᎨ (Ga-yo-li-ge) Less
Gdod ᎬᏙᏗ (Gv-do-di) With
Nlxojazna ᏄᏠᏯᏍᏛᎾ (Nu-tlo-ya-s-dv-na) Without
Ujoxa'eldi ᎤᏲᎠᏰᎸᏗ (U-yo-a-ye-lv-di) Excuse me./Sorry.


  1. In a sentence, when there are the verbs "to be" and "to have", it's mandatory to specify the personal pronoun, and after it, put a "-". e.g.: An-ukwa dekanespigiod (They are musicians.)
  2. To make a name plural, add "-od" at the end.
  3. Lx is pronounced like Welsh LL. (say "l" while you're aspirating)

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