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The Government Of Andacania is currently ruled by People's Party of Ausea. PPA is the current government of Ausea . Here is the list of Govt. and the People from party who were choosed as ruler of country

Party Name of Ruler year of Ruling Votes Things Ruler Did for nation
Peoples Party of Ausea President K.L uniko 1999 - 2004 3 out of 5 made Ausea's own Currency
Anti - Democracy Party President J.F Cuirho 2004 - 2009 4 out of 5 named Capital Of Ausea
Democratic Party of Ausea Prez Huain Un akuka 2010 - 2015 3 out of 2 Designed Flag
Peoples Party of Ausea President Sunny Sinha 2015 - Present 4 out of 5 Named Country to Ausea

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