Governorship of New Perwick
(Colony of Harenfall)

"Prudentia et virtus"
Capital city Haakonstad
Official language(s) English, Norwegian
Official religion(s) Protestant Christian
- Governor William MacLean the Elder
Established November 2nd 2014
Population 4
Currency None official (de facto US Dollar)

 The Governorship of New Perwick is a colony possessed by the Kingdom of Harenfall , situated in the state of california in the United states of America. The colony was founded the 2nd of september 2014, and King Jeffrey 's father, William The elder was appointed governor.


Lord William, Duke of Perwick , and his father, Lord William the elder left Harenfall october the 27th and traveled via plane to Los Angeles, America. They later arrived in the building where the duke's mother, Leeta MacLean, DCR lives. A few days later, the 2nd November, the King announced from Harenfall, in northern norway the establishment of New Perwick, appointing William the Elder governor of the colony. The same day, the town of Haakonstad was founded, and named after the Duke of Perwick. The 3rd November, the East America Trading Company was founded, to bring specific goods, back to Harenfall. 


The Flag of the colony is the inverted national flag of Harenfall. The arms of the colony is a red saltire with 5 suns on it. The suns where added to represent the almost constat sunny conditions in the colony, compared to Harenfall. The backround is green. 

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