Grémmian Republic
Flag zxcvg.svg Arms zxcvg.svg
Location of Grémmia in North America
Location of Grémmia in North America
Official languages English
Demonym Grémmian
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
 -  President Michael Ònff
 -  Deputy President Willis Karn
Legislature Grémmian Landsgemeinde
 -  Grummian States 2011 
 -  Current Constitution 20 September 2013 
 -  census 3
Currency United States dollar ($)
Time zone Mountain: UTC -7/-6
Drives on the right

Grémmia (/ˈgreɪmijə/ or /ˈgrɛmijə/), officially the Grémmian Republic, is a unitary parliamentary republic in North America.  It is landlocked and an enclave, completely surrounded by the United States.  The country is situated at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, near the Crazy Mountain Range.  The population is 3.

Grémmia throughout its history has been a neutral power.  It is constitutionally prohibited from issuing a declaration of war, and has adopted a policy of armed neutrality.  Drawing further inspiration from Switzerland, the national legislature of Grémmia is the Landsgemeinde, of which its members are all citizens who attend the monthly assembly.

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