First Titanist Republic of Titania
Priimik Titakier Publiicer aupert Titakistan
Grand-titania-2.png IMG 0001.jpg
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Glory to the jack, people and God
CapitalThe Titanian Imperial City (Quod Titakistani Imperiium Urbiium)
Official language(s) English, Titanian
Ethnic groups  Americans, Titaks
Demonym Titak (singular), Titaki (plural)
Government Titanist Republic
 -  Primary President President Blade Buzzsaw of Titania
 -  Vice President N/A
 -  Tertiary President N/A
 -  Quaduary President N/A
 -  Quintiary President N/A
Currency 100 Titaniun = 1 Titanibokun
The First Titanist Republic of Titania is a micronation that is in Southeast USA. It is a member of the League of Micronations, the Intermicronational Union, and the Titanist Intermicronational Organization (TIO)



On December 17, 2017, Titania declared independence from the United States. On the 27th, 10 days later, it joined the Intermicronational Union. On January 7, 2018, it formed the Intermicronational League and merged it with the Community of Micronations to form the League of Micronations.


On 1097 BTW (on the Titanian Calendar) a imperial league formed, they called it the United Imperial States of Grand Titania. The League was a big success, conquered lands in Europe and Africa, it was a new Roman Empire!

Territories and claims

Titania claims Broward, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade,Martin,St. Lucie, Okeechobee, Oscola and Orange counties in Florida as well as a exclave in Nevada.

Administrative Divisions

See: Administratrative Divisions of Titania

Political Parties (proposed countrys if the First Titanist Republic of Titania were to split up)

DA84A9E0-F83F-4F4D-892F-6337D880656A Capitalist Party (proposed country: The Capitalist Federation of Titania)

514ECF2D-65EF-4BE3-9ACA-B381F790761F Centrist Party (proposed country: Centrist Republic of Titania)

0DB898EF-7EFF-423A-9316-3E16DA18592D Communist Party (proposed country: People‘s Communist Republic of Titania)

C715E2EB-E13F-419E-8FC9-7B178F853648 Democratic Party (proposed country: Democratic Republic of Titania)

50C5C6D0-F46C-4F33-B665-F58A97F5939E Free Republican Party (proposed country: Free Republic of Titania)

C8A456F3-0003-47EB-87F9-DA60D017C24A Imperialist Party (proposed country: United Imperial States of Grand Titania)

8B75AF17-4324-4DD9-BE81-155CB422F1C7 Kaisership Party (proposed country: Kaisership of Titania)

24C2F437-95DC-4F24-8F87-F317FEB96AC8 Liberialist Party (proposed country: Liberialist Republic of Titania)

Meme party Memocratic Party (proposed country: Meme’s Republic of Titania)

42F53A84-CF26-4EFE-A47D-ED1E5A184111 Monrachist/Royalist Party (proposed country: Monrachy of Titania)

6DC76771-B29D-4499-8220-3D96EB06165F Republican Party (proposed country: Republic of Titania)

C6D2A5AD-195F-46B6-A0E5-25505C3BA374 Socialist Party (proposed country: People‘s Socialist Republic of Titania)

94D2D7B2-8558-4D52-ACED-8CA8560CDB80 Technocratic Party (proposed country: Technocratic Republic of Titania [Titanian Technate])

CA81B2C3-1537-4540-8392-9F2B746EFF69 Theocratic Party (proposed country: God’s Nation of Titania)

9202733D-48C7-4AE3-B605-FF9510A802BB Titanist Party (proposed country: Second Titanist Republic of Titania)

B931B627-9A27-4D0B-92C3-919E378B2927 Titanist Unitist Party (proposed country: Titanist United Republic of Titania)


See: Flags of Titania


See: Titanian Armed Forces


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