Grand Duchy of Cutke

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Grand Duchy of Cutkē

"We follow what is Right"
Capital city None yet
Official language(s) None officially English, de facto
Short name Cutkē, GDC
Demonym Cutkēan
Government Grand Duchy
- Grand Duke Donald
Established July 24, 2014
Area claimed 5m²
Population 3
Currency Cutkē Tok
Time zone GMT -5
National animal Cat

Officially the Grand Duchy of Cutkē is a self-proclaimed micronation that was founded on July 24, 2012‎ by Grand Duke Donald.


The term Cutkē comes from the Mvskoke word cutkē. It means small since this is a micronation. Cutkē was first used by Grand Duke Donald to describe the nation.


The Republic was declared an independent sovereign nation in 2014, to create a new nation that upholds the moral, economic, and cultural standards of the Monarchy and its citizens. The Grand Duchy of Cutkē has claimed a small 5m plot in what was formerly Tennessee, USA and is seeking more territory constantly. The Royal House of Grand Duke Donald was created on 24 July 2014, and is the first of the royal house of Cutkē.


The Flag of the Grand Duchy of Cutkē

Government & Politics

Cutkē is by executive orders of the Grand Duke; however, to prevent despotism, the Grand Duchy allows the heads of the other Royal houses to confer upon a new law once every month. 

Law & Order

Strick fines and penalties are enforced for various crimes. 

Foreign Relations

The Grand Duchy of Cutkē is looking for other micronations as allies and will soon apply for statehood via the UN. 


The Grand Duke sees no current need for a military other than peaceful claiming of territory. 

Geography & Climate

The climate varies in all of the territories.


Our current currency is the Cutkē Tok, which are produced by the National Bank of Cutkē. The current exchange rate is 1Ʈ = 100 USD. Toks are often used fractionally up to 1/1000Ʈ. 


The country is primarily vegetarian and grants citizenship to animals. We love a variety of cultures and consider ourselves a melting pot. 

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