Grand Duchy of Novachek
Großherzogtum Novachek (DE)
GDN Flag

"Yield to none!"
"Anthem of the Soldiers"
Capital city Novachek
Official language(s) English, Novaic
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Novaic
Government Grand Duchy (Monarchy)
- Grand Duke William Novachek
- Prime Minister Micheal Reichenbach
Legislature Parliment
Established 2014
Area claimed 8km²
Population 2
Currency Tack
Time zone GMT -6
National sport Football (Soccer)
National animal Osprey
Internet Domain (proposed) .nk
This nation is a a member of the Example Organisation

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The Grand Duchy of Novachek no longer exists. Information on this page is no longer valid. This nation is under the new name of the Grand Duchy of Alaska. Many things have changed due to reformations decided upon by the governing body of the Grand Duchy.

The Grand Duchy of Novachek, or GDN for short, was founded on April 2nd, 2014.


The name "Novachek" is the surname of Grand Duke William the First (William Novachek). He used his name in the creation of the GDN.


The original idea for the creation of the GDN came from William Novachek's passion for micronationalism. He had been studying micronationalism for quite some time before deciding to finally make his own micronation. However, the GDN was not William's first creation. He played with many different types of governments and legislatures. He finally rested upon the idea of a Grand Duchy because they work well with small nations (i.e. Luxembourg/Luxemberg). There it was set. The GDN was born. On April 3rd 2014, Micheal Reichenbach was elected as Prime Minister.

  • More history will be added as the nation develops

Government & Politics

Contrary to popular belief, the Grand Duke was not the Head of Government. It is in fact the Prime Minister that handles all government/political affairs. The Grand Duke is primarily the leader of the military, but he does have an influence in parliament. Parliament is unicameral and is known as the Novachek Assembly, or NA for short. The NA meets every Wednesday to decide on new laws, embargoes , bans, etc. The NA is headed by the Prime Minister and he has the final say on all decisions.

All citizens of age 18 and above are able to propose a petition to the NA for a certain law, embargo, ban, etc. that they would like to see be put into action. If said citizen is able to get 50 signatures on his petition, the petition will be reviewed by the NA.

Every 10 years, a Prime Minister is elected. The Prime Minister is elected by the citizens and only the citizens.

The title of Grand Duke/Duchess is hereditary. If a Grand Duke/Duchess is to die, the title and throne goes to his eldest son. If the Grand Duke has no sons, the title goes to his eldest daughter. If the eldest heir is below the age of 18, the Prime Minister will assume the title of Grand Duke/Duchess until the heir reaches age 18. At that point, the heir receives the title of Grand Duke/Duchess and the Prime Minister returns to his duties as Prime Minister. In the event that the Grand Duke/Duchess has no heirs, the Prime Minister will become Grand Duke permanently. This is the start of a new 'House', which is described as a blood line. The current house that is in power is House Novachek, this is determined by the surname of the Grand Duke.

The title of Grand Duke is also assumed through marriage.

In the absence of a Grand Duke, a Grand Duchess assumes the same responsibilities of a Grand Duke. However, when a Grand Duke is in power, the Grand Duchess has no real responsibilities.

Law & Order

Law & Order is maintained through a system of Police Forces which are a part of the military. These Police Forces are stationed in every settlement and their soul purpose is to protect the citizens of the area, prevent crime, and to investigate suspicious persons/groups. 

When an individual is accused of committing a crime, he goes into court before the Grand Duke/Duchess. The Grand Duke/Duchess determines the fate of the accused individual. There are no "jails" or "prisons" in the GDN. The most severe punishment is death, the second most severe is deportation/exile. Most of the time the punishment for a certain crime is equal to that crime. For example, if someone was to murder another person, the murderer would be put to death. This is called the "Eye for and Eye" system.

Foreign Relations

The GDN remains neutral to all nations but wishes to increase relations with nations that are interested in the GDN.

You can contact Grand Duke William the First via email ( and phone ((913-620-0977) If you don't receive an answer, leave a message stating your name, the nation you represent, your intentions, and good times for call back).


The Military of the GDN is a very efficient and effective defense force. The soul purpose of the military is to defend the territories and citizens of the GDN as well as defeat the enemies of the GDN. There are two branches of the military: The Army and the Air Force. Upon reaching age 18, all citizens are required to complete a years compulsory military service in their branch of choice.

Army (Army of the Grand Duchy of Novachek (AGDN))

The Army is the primary fighting force of the GDN. The Army can be quickly deployed anywhere in the world. The Army is primarily trained for jungle warfare, however, it can adapt. The standard service rifle of the Army of the GDR is the AK-74 SBR. The AGDN employs the use of high tech vehicles, aircraft, and weapon systems. Soldiers are specially trained with this equipment and know how to use it.

Air Force (Air Force of the Grand Duchy of Novachek (AFGDN))

The Air Force plays a large role in the military as it supports the Army with Advanced Air-To-Ground Weapon Systems, Airborne Troops, Special Forces, Transportation, and Intelligence.

Geography & Climate

The GDN has not laid claim to a specific location yet, but when it does, it will be a temperate area that is land locked and either bordered by or contains a freshwater lake.


The GDN has no official exports or imports with any other micronations or macronations. But some industries we have are fishing, farming, metals, and weaponry.


Culture in the GDN is largely influenced by Slavic cultures. A language is currently being developed by the citizens of the GDN. This language is known as Novaic. It has a western feel with some slavic twists. It sounds kind of like Russian and English mixed together. Novaic uses the Cyrillic alphabet. Apart from languages, the citizens of the GDN enjoy playing football and drinking ale.

Households in the GDN usually include all of the family tree. Because of this, our houses are REALLY big. We have to share them with 15-20 people. 

Citizens also enjoy arts and crafts such as blacksmithing, painting, sculpting, etc.

The Citizens of the GDN are welcoming to travelers and tourists. They also love diversity; many different ethnicities call Novachek home.


Media in the GDN is completely citizen ran. TV stations, entertainment groups, etc. are all operated by the citizens. However there is one government broadcast network on televisions so the Prime Minister can inform citizens of new changes. Other than that, the GDN is very shut off from outside media influences. Most bands and music groups that citizens listen to are located in the GDN.

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