Grand Duchy of Oceanis
Großherzogtum von Ozeanies
Gramm Duchi y Oceanis
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Coat of Arms

"Goed csaef unz Isliske Hoisg"
Geistliches Lied - Johannes Brahms
South Pacific Ocean
Capital city Mendezstadt
Largest city Mendezstadt
Official language(s) English, German, Oceanise
Official religion(s) Christianity
Short name Oceanis
Demonym Oceanise
Government Constitutional Representative Diarchy
- Archduke Daniel I of Oceanis
Legislature Federal Council
- Number of seats - 10
Area claimed 7.739 sq mi.
Population 9
Currency Oceanise Sand Dollar (O$D)
Time zone PST
National sport Rugby
National animal Murphy's Petrel

Welcome to the Official Wikia of the Grand Duchy of Oceanis Edit

The Grand Duchy of Oceanis sprang into existence on January 15, 2017 as a sovereign nation claiming the islands of Oeno and Marotiri in the South Pacific Ocean. The founder, Archduke Daniel Mendez I of Oceanis saw that while there were claims to these lands, they had been uninhabited for decades and not used for any good or to benefit humanity in any way. This made the Archduke decide to take matters into his own hands to use the islands for the good of humanity.

The Grand Duchy of Oceanis has its own language, demonym, flag, and national anthem to represent the nation. Citizenship to Oceanis is now open to the public through joining the Grand Ducal Navy or Ducal Guard (provided that you are fluent in Oceanise, English, or German) for the progress of the nation.

Constitution of the Grand Duchy of Oceanis Edit


This document is to declare the formation and sovereignty of the Grand Duchy of Oceanis. The Grand Duchy nation claiming the islands of Oeno and Marotiri in the South Pacific Ocean. We the Oceanise people are founding this nation with a hope of growing these islands into lands that can contribute to the welfare of humanity.


The government of the Grand Duchy of Oceanis shall be a Constitutional Representative Diarchy and the rules for the arrangement of the government shall be listed in Article III. The official languages of the Grand Duchy shall be English, Oceanise, and German. The official currency for the Grand Duchy shall be the Oceanise Sand Dollar (O$D).


Section I Edit

The arrangement of government of the Grand Duchy of Oceanis shall be this. There will be two heads of state who will be referred to as the Archduke of Oceanis and Grand Duke of Oceanis who shall both hold all executive power in the country. There will be a council of officials elected by the people to serve as legislators for the nation's laws and regulations. This council shall be known as the Federal Council. All issues presented by the Federal Council must undergo a vote by all citizens 17 years of age or older and must receive a majority vote to pass onto the vote by the council. The council will then vote on the presented issue which must pass by majority. If the issue passes the public and the council it goes to both diarchs for signing. If both the Archduke and Grand Duke sign the bill it becomes official law for governing the Grand Duchy. However, if one of the diarchs chooses not to sign the bill, then the council must take it under consideration and start the process over. If both diarchs choose not to sign the bill, then the bill is dismissed pending a unanimous vote by the public. Dismissed bills can be reopened at any time if the council has a ⅔ majority vote to reopen the bill. If a bill is reopened it is then sent to the public and does not merit a unanimous vote, only a majority of ⅔ to pass to the council. After a reopen, if the bill is signed by either of the diarchs it then becomes a law.


Section II Edit

Amending to this constitution shall be between the public and the diarchal powers of the nation. Any member of the council can present an issue of right that they wish to have amended to the constitution, then the public will vote on the possible amendment. A majority of ⅔ is required to send the legislation to the diarchs who will then choose whether to sign it or not. If one does not sign it then the legislation returns to the public for another vote. If the public sends back a unanimous vote then only one diarch must sign it to amend it to this constitution.

Section III Edit

The members of Federal Council will be elected according to the Province they are representing. Each Province is allowed 5 elected Councilmen that will be sent to the Federal Council. An election shall take place every 3 years to elect a Province’s Councilmen.


Enforcing of the laws shall be the power of the Federal Police. The Federal Police has the authority to detain and arrest any persons thought to have broken any of the laws governing the Grand Duchy. Arrests cannot be made without probable cause, nor can they be made based on skin color or racial background alone. If arrested the individual can be detained for a 48-hour period before further action must be taken. Whether that may be release or prosecution. Further setup of the Federal Police will be given to the Federal Council and the Police.


The rights of the Oceanise Citizens are of great importance to basis on which this country is founded. The rights stated in this article shall not be taken away by federal powers. Rights will be listed in the sections of this article.

Section I Edit

Every Oceanise citizen has the right to keep and bear arms for the protection of themselves from threats domestic or foreign.

Section II Edit

The Freedom of Speech, and of the Press, and the right of the People peaceably to assemble, and consult for their common good, and to apply to the Government for a redress of grievances, shall not be infringed

Section III Edit

The right of the Oceanise people to worship how they please shall not be infringed upon. Any churches, synagogues, or other places of worship may be built by those who chose.

Section IV Edit

No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Councilmen, shall take effect, until an election of Councilmen shall have intervened.

Grand Ducal Navy Edit

Serving in the Grand Ducal Navy is one of, if not the highest honor in the nation. Your job in the Navy is to defend our island nation and its sovereignty from foreign nations who challenge it. The goal of all this is to become and remain a free, independent nation. I hope you'll join us as an Oceanise Sailor in the defense of your Duke and Country. May God Bless Oceanis.

Below are the ranks of the Grand Ducal Navy.


The Oceanise Language Edit

When Archduke Daniel Mendez founded Oceanis, he understood that while foreign communication was key to success, that Oceanis also needed to build a culture. This is how Oceanise was born. A language that has both German and English origins and words and some of its own. As a requirement for citizenship, learning Basic Oceanise couldn't be simpler. The translator below will help you on your path to becoming a citizen of this free, independent micronation.

The Oceanise language is quite unique. First, it doesn't use the letter 'Q' at all. This letter is not present in the Oceanise alphabet nor in the spoken language. Another neat fact about Oceanise is that its word roots stem from English, German, and Norwegian. This means that the basis for quite a bit of Oceanise words had outside influence in multiple ways.

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