Grand Duchy of Southern Alaska

"Galdius et Virtus"
"Symphony of the Forest"
Capital city Constance
Largest city Constance
Official language(s) Alaskan, English
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Alaskan
Government Grand Duchy
- Prime Minister David Vaupel
- Grand Duke Tanner Harding
Legislature Parliament
Established 2013
Area claimed 2km²
Population 2
Currency South Alaskan Pound (SAP)
Time zone GMT -8
National sport Soccer, Airsoft
National animal Grizzly Bear
Internet Domain (proposed) .ak

The Grand Duchy of Southern Alaska was founded on 20 December 2013.


The name "Southern Alaska" comes from the fact that the territory that the Grand Duchy claims in located in Southern Alaska. It's a very un-creative name. It is likely to be changed.


Tanner Harding and David Vaupel are avid outdoorsmen. They both respect nature very much. While they were living in the United States, they saw how badly the environment was abused and set out to create their own nation that would protect indigenous species and restrict deforestation and overfishing. Tanner and David decided that Southern Alaska would be a perfect place for them to set up shop. There is a plethora of wildlife, plants, trees, and fish. Due to the naturistic foundations of the nation, it had to be made in a very naturalistic environment. There is no better place to do that than Alaska. So then It was. From that came the Grand Duchy of Southern Alaska. We are just entering the developing stages and are far from actually populating our claimed territory.

Government & PoliticsEdit

NATIONAL - The Government of the Grand Duchy of Southern Alaska is a Grand Duchy, or a Grand Dukedom. The head of government is the Grand Duke. The Head of State is the Prime Minister. The main duties of the Grand Duke is to command the military of the Grand Duchy, create and amend laws, and direct the National Assembly of Representatives (NAR). The Prime Minister is responsible for foreign relations. His main tasks are to visit with foreign nations, establish good relations, and also to encourage other nations to protect nature. The Grand Duke has a cabinet of advisors, made up of 6 ministers which give guideance to the Grand Duke and also accept or decline new laws created by the Grand Duke. These ministers include the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Economics, the Minister of Environment, the Minister of Foriegn Relations (Prime Minister), the Minister of the National Assembly of Representatives, and the Minister of the Public. Parliment consists of one branch, which is the Grand Duke. The Grand Duke comes up with laws, he presents it to his cabinet, and if the cabinet passes the law, it will be taken to the NAR. If the NAR passes it, it is put into the Grand Law Archives and activated as a national law.

LORDSHIPS - There are currently two lordships within the Grand Duchy. Lordships are equal to states. Each lordship is headed by a Lord, of course, and this lord is essentially the Duke of his own section of the Grand Duchy. He is responsible for the portion of the military that is a part of his lordship, he is responsible for creating lordship laws and amending them, and he is responsible for directing the Lord's Council. When a lord decides to create a law, he will propose it to his Council. If the council passes the law, it will be entered into the Grand Lordship Law Archives and activated as a law of the Lordship. This law does not affect other lordships whatsoever. However, if the Grand Duke decides that the law is better as a national law, he will make it so.

Law & OrderEdit

JUDICIAL SYSTEM - The Judicial branch is not considered government, although it is ran on the National level. All citizens have the right to fair trial with a jury. There are three tiers of crime. The 1st Tier is a simple misterminer such as egging someones house or stealing <$500 or something of equal value. If someone is found guilty of a Teir 1 cirme they are fined $500 and must put in 25 community service hours. Tier 2 crime is a bit more serious. Tier 2 crime is anywhere from stealing >$500 or something of equal value to assault/battery. If someone is found guilty of a Tier 2 crime, they are banished from the Grand Duchy. Tier 3 crime is more than serious. Tier 3 crime includes actions of murder, rape, or kidnapping. If someone is found guilty of a tier 3 cirme, they are either executed or they are made a gladiator and fight in the public arenas until they are killed or die of old age.

POLICE FORCES - Each lordship has its own section of police. Police are mainly used to catch bad guys and protect civilians by apprehending troublesome citizens. Rangers are also considered a part of the police force, they look out for people abusing the environment or poaching.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The Grand Duchy of Southern Alaska is open to foregin relations with any nation, just contact Grand Duke Tanner I. The Prime Minister is currently unavailable.










The Armed Forces of Southern Alaska (AFSA), as it is formerly know as, is divided into 3 branches: The Grand Army, the Grand Air Force, and the Grand Navy. Each branch is commanded by a Chief of Staff, which is a Legionnaire 1st Class, the highest rank of all three branches. The AFSA is commanded by the Grand Duke, who constantly communicates with the Chief's of Staff.

ARMY - The Grand Army has 7 regiments: Infantry, Field Artillery, Engineers, Mechanized, Airborne, Armored, and Intelligence. Each regiment consists of a number of legions, led by Legionnaires. The army is the primary invasion force. If war is declared, all regiments will be put on alert and will be transported to the battlefield within a matter of hours from the declaration of war. The Ranks of the Grand Army can be seen in the list below (lowest to highest):

AIR FORCE (Currently Inactive) - The Grand Air Force has 3 wings: Transport, Assault, and Recon. Each wing consists of a number of flights, which are commanded by Legionnaires. The Grand Air Force is used as a support to the Grand Army. The Air Force provides transport, air support, and recon to the Grand Army. Ranks of the Grand Air Force can be seen in the list below (lowest to highest):

NAVY - The Grand Navy has 3 fleets: Lake Aleknagik Fleet (1st Fleet), Pacific Ocean Fleet (2nd Fleet), and Atlantic Ocean Fleet (3rd Fleet). Each fleet has battleships, transport ships, heli carriers, aircraft carriers, and etc. Provides support for the Grand Army. When not in wartime, the navy assists nations around the world struggling with natural disasters such as a hurricanes, typhons, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, and etc. Follows same ranks as the Grand Army.

Geography & ClimateEdit

By clicking the link in the 'External Links' section, google maps will show you the penninsula that we claim. We have not officially populated it yet, but we are hoping to do so very soon. Climate can vary from 30° F to 70° F on a good day. Rain can be expected at any time. We have not tested the soil so no word yet on if it is suited for agriculture.


The economy of the Grand Duchy of Southern Alaska is not quite developed. Out future exports will be King Salmon, fished from Lake Aleknagik, and different foods that grown in the area of Lake Aleknagik.


Our culture is very similar to that of Americans. However, nature plays a big part in our lives. Every family grows some kind of native plant, whether it be trees, flowers, berries, etc. In our free time, we like to go on hikes in the nearby mountains, or practice catch-and-release fishing on lake Aleknagik. We also play a lot of airsoft. We, of course, use high quality biodegrateable BBs, just so we don't have little pieces of plastic that young animals would eat and choke on. We enjoy physical exercise and just about everyone takes a morning jog. We are all-around very friendly people, although we tend to be a little shy. Sexuality is also a big part of our lives. Public nudity is a common thing because our private parts are still a part of our bodies, no different that an arm or a foot. However, prostitution is very disgraceful. If someone is caught soliciting prostitution, they will be immediatly deported. Other than friendlyness, shyness, and sexuality, the citizens of the Grand Duchy love visitors and pride themselves in their hospitality.


Our main source of media and world news is the Southern Alaskan News Channel and Southern Alaskan Brodcast Channel, on TV, and the Southern Alaskan Times, for our newspapers. The Grand Duchy proudly practices freedom of the press. The news is not ran by the government, it is ran by the citizens. We also have a developing acting/entertainment industry. We hope to create and release our own movies and TV series to the world. We also hope that our media companies will become partners with Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and Science Channel, so that we can air them on our television networks.

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External LinksEdit

Link to the peninsula the Grand Duchy has claimed: 

Google Link Wikimapia Link

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