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The flag

Westdakota is a model nation founded on September first 2014 With it's Grand Duke G******* E**** and Prime Minister T******** S*****(Names withheld for security reasons) To become a citizen of the new Micronation of Westdakota (and maintain citizenship in your current country) Just take a survey make a blog post or just tell your friends. This new nation of Westdakota requires no taxes-- and has a cool webpage! I was inspired by the documentary called "A Tiny Spark", which features Kevin Baugh and his Nation of Molassia. It's a symbol of freedom and the ability we have to build our own nation  .

The Grand Duchy of Westdakota general information  

Grand Duke: G******* House of E****

Prime Minister: J** Y*******

History: The Grand Duchy of Westdakota was founded September 1st 2014 Has a Current Population of around 10,800-12,000 people and A small Enclave in Michigan where the capitol Of Westdakota is  

About the Grand Duchy of Westdakota   

The National Motto is “ Quod Sentitur Amplexati Sunt Stercora”

The Current National Anthem is: Westdakota land of Shinning Opportunity  National Animal: Harp Seal National Flower: Dandelion National Bird: Mourning Dove  

                                          Financial information

The Westdakota bank has a Balance of 1.7Billion Westdakota Dakians The national Currency is the Dakian National Sport Hand ball

==Westdakota's Government is a parliamentary monarchy where the power is shared between the Prime Minister the Parliament and the Grand Duke. 

Political Parties (C) Conservative: Believe Westdakota is running well right now and opposes further Government growth into the citizen lives

(F) Federalist: Believe that Westdakota should start distributing lots of currency and the Government should keep expanding

(N) Nationalist: Believe that Westdakota should be ever expanding and achieve this by making war upon other nations *EBP elected by parliament        List of Prime Minsters

1. (NA) A***  D******* (provisional) September 1st-September 15th  He was Westdakota's first Prime minister and saw much Government growth  

2. (F) J**** P******* (provisional) September 15th-September 16th Saw the department of foreign affairs created

3. (N)N***** V**** (EBP*) September 16th-November 12th Saw beginning of massive growth in Government and start of war

4. (C)T******** S***** November 12th-March 7th  First Elected by popular vote Prime Minister saw the end of the war and the start of the Westdakota Economy and the standardization of what a prime minister is

5. J** Y******* March 7th 2nd elected prime minister of Westdakota


(F) G**** Si  Health              (F) A***** Sto**  Finance/Security               (C) N*** St   Education        (C) N***L Security    (F) C****** E  Security

(C) A****** L******** FDA (C) H*** K Parliament/Cabinet  

(C) K*** V Foreign Affairs  (F) T****** S*****Defense (F) H**** B  Parliament         (C) N***** V  Public Relations

(C)  P*****   B*******  Interior 

(F) W***** Ch** Cabinet  COPY OF THE WESTDAKOTA CONSTITUTION  We the people of Westdakota abide by the Geneva convention and other humanitarian treaties such as the U.N. charter . The main power is in the Grand Duke and in parliament and Prime Minister. The laws of Westdakota are past by the parliament and enforced by the Prime minister but can be overturned by the Grand Duke. This country does not have a state religion and never will we accept all faiths. The rules for succession are the first child of the monarch will be the monarch when the reigning monarch dies. Abdication is not aloud. The parliament is not aloud to remove the monarch. All of this in the name of Westdakota Hail Westdakota!


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