FlagofAmoria Amoria Badge

Brave even unto death
"My Amoria"
Amorian National Anthem

Maxingrad, Amoria
Capital city Maxingrad
Official language(s) English , Russian
Official religion(s) None
Demonym Amorian
Government Hereditary Dictatorship
- President Max I
- Chairman of the Assembly Tyler
- Secretary of Defense Ranjan
Legislature Amorian National Assembly
Established February 6th, 2005
Area claimed 251 km² Estimated
Population 9
Currency Amorian Pound
Time zone CDT
National drink Water
National animal Eagle
Patron saint Francis of Assisi
Internet Domain .amo (Proposed)

Amoria, officially the Grand Republic of Amoria, Republic of Amoria, or GRA) is a micronation established by Max I on February 6th 2005. Upon establishing the micronation, Max I then wrote the National Amorian Constitution which set the solid base for the rest of the country to be developed. The Amorian government now is comprised of the President, Amorian Nation Assembly, and various committees.

National Amorian Sports Events Edit

The National Amorian Sports Events are designed to offer Amorian citizens the chance to compete against each other without the cost of international Sports Events. The Amorian Sports Events have taken place every 4 years since 2000 and the upcoming date is February 6th, 2016.

Up to 500 participants are allowed to compete from all over Amoria. Right now only about 5 compete. The Amorian Sports Events are open to other micronational participants if they so choose to participate.

Population Edit

The population of Amoria has doubled since 2001 when it was at 4. The population prediction in the next 5 years is set to quadruple.

Monday Riots of 2014Edit

9 Years into the rule of Max I, an attempted coup d'etat was started by Commander Olivares on a virtual game. 1/5 of the population of Amoria rallied behind him. It started out as a peacefull protest at first and then turned into a full scale war on a dark monday morning. The Amorian State Guard deployed two divsions of T-99 MBTs and crushed the Amorian Liberation Army in less than 17 hours since the fighting began. The next morning the Amorian News Network reported that 258 plastic army men were killed and over 1,436 were wounded including women and children. After that uprising Commander Olivares was found and sentenced to working in a Labor Camp for the rest of his life. The labor camp currently produces scented candles.

Government Edit

The President of Amoria resides as absolute ruler of Amoria until he dies. Under the President is the Chairman of the Assembly which acts as the President's right hand man. The Chairman of the Assembly is voted in as the majority leader by the assembly. Under the Chairman is the Assembly which consists of 24 seats currently in which 16 is vacant at the moment.Under the assembly is Various Amorian Committees which are appointed by the President and are assigned to various parts of the Government. Last but not least is the Amorian People which is in charge of voting in their representatives into the Amorian National Assembly.


Amorian Government Pyramid.

Each territiory is granted 2 representatives in the Amorian National Assembly (ANA). The ANA is responsible for coming up with the budget and laws for Amoria. The law or budget then goes through a vote where 6/10 vote must be obtained for the bill to pass on to the President. If the President disagrees with the bill he can choose to veto it or pass it. If the President vetos the bill the ANA has no right to override him. The President also has the Authority to come up with his own laws and pass them as long as the laws do not interfere with the constitution of Amoria.

Law and orderEdit

The civil law in Amoria is maintained by the Amorian State Guard. Instead of a police force that you would see in most countries, the Amorian State Guard which is a branch in the Amorian Military has been setup to deal with Domestic issues. These Domestic issues can range from

  • Terrorist threats
  • Riots
  • Protests
  • Civil Duties (such as maintaining the peace and making sure that the law is being followed)

In Amoria there is no such thing as a trial or a jail. Instead if you are accused of doing a crime the Guard has the say if you are guilty or not right there on the spot. If you are found guilty, depending on the crime. you could either be subject to having your palm burnt off, amputation of a body part, or having hot tar poured on you. If you are found guilty of murder you are then sentenced to death by firing squad. The only person that could save you from you punishment would be the president himself.

Political PartiesEdit


Seats in the Amorian National Assembly. Red - Worker's Party of Amoria Gold - People's Party of Amoria

Logo Name Founded Members
Worker's Party of Amoria February 6th, 2005 6
People's Party of Amoria February 6th,2005 3


The Amorian economy is run and maintained by the Amorian Committee of Mutual Economic Benefit. This committe runs internal and external exchanges, and can limit the number of exports going out or the imports coming in depending on the economy. The committee usually deals with internal affairs due to the lack of intermicronational relations.

Foreign relationsEdit


The first Alliance charter signed by President Max I of Amoria and Emprorer Zorro of Zachodnoslavijan Empire

Flag Nation Head of state Diplomatic Relation

Zachodnoslavijan Empire Flag

Republic of Zachodnoslavija Emperor Zorro Zydrunaszko di Sarajevo Ally

Flag of Imperial Kingdom of Gillia

Imperial Kingdom of Gillia Joshua Gill I Recognized
Terra Silvae People's Commonwealth of Terra Silvae Morgan James Morrison Ally
Flagoftheathenianfederation The Athenian Federation Aaron Lowry Ally

If you wish to open foreign talks between my nation and yours please contact the Amorian Cyberspace Committe (ACC) on my message wall.

Requirements to open up foreign relations with AmoriaEdit

The Grand Republic of Amoria will only recognize nations that meet the following ...

  • Your nation must posses a defined border on Earth
  • Your nation must not claim fictional things
  • Your nation must not claim to be recognized by a macronation
  • Your nation must NOT claim any land possed by Amoria
  • Your nation must have a leader

Climate Edit

Climate in the Capital Region.

°C Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Hi 14 16 20 25 29 33 36 36 32 26 20 14
Lo 3 5 9 13 19 23 25 25 21 15 9 4

National Holidays Edit

  • New Years Eve, December 31st
  • New Years Day, January 1st
  • GRA Anniversary Day, February 6th

Other HolidaysEdit

  • Easter , April 20th
  • Tom Hanks Day, July 9th
  • Christmas, December 25th

Culture Edit

The Amorian culture derives from German, Russian, and Italian culture. The most popular dish in Amoria is Pasta. Many different types of pasta can be found here. Chocalate and Danishes are a favorite treat for any Amorian. If you visit Amoria you should try German Chocalate Cake which is the Amorian National Food.

Amorian map

Red is claimed land. Red with stripes is disputed.


Pasta is a popular food item here in Amoria

Territorial claimsEdit

Amoria claims 4 medium sized plots of land that the current nation of the United States of America has control over. Multiple citizens live in each of these designated areas. Travel to and from these territorial claims can be hard due to another nation surrounding the claims. Travel between the claims is most traveled in car according to the Amorian Department of Transportation. Multiple plans have been brought up by the Amorian National Assembly to create a working airline and construct airports in each of the claims to avoid having to enter another country to reach the intended destination.

Amorian Spy Agency (ASA)Edit


Amorian Spy Agency or ASA emblem

The ASA is responsible for monitoring all traffic going in and out of Amoria. The ASA has also been granted rights to spy on other nations to survey their actions and maintain a safe and comfortable zone for all Amorian Citizens. If there is a threat to Amoria the ASA has permission under law, Section 8 Paragraph 9b, "If any person or thing is a threat to Amoria's national security the ASA has the right to subdue the subject and dispose of the threat." The ASA may not kill Amorian Citizens, they may arrest an Amorian citizen if he/she poses a threat.

Note Edit

The Grand Republic of Amoria is in no way associated with the "Grand Union of Amoria". The Grand Republic of Amoria was founded years earlier but not put on the internet until this year.

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