Basic Information

 The Great Kingdom of Land is a micronation located in Melbourne Beach, Florida. It is one of the smallest micronations located around the Brevard County area of Florida, being only 500 square feet in size. The Kingdom does have some territory in Jacksboro, Tennesee. The currency is the USD, due to the fact that the nation itself does not have any official currency.


The Great Kingdom of Land does not require a passport to get in to, but it is land-locked. The nation's main export is Tangerines.


The nation itself is part of The Melbourne Beach Micronational Court, which contains 3 micronations. The Great Kingdom of Land is partners in trade with the neighboring "Amikan Republic", which is owned by the stepbrother of Lord Doyle, President Crawford, which is directly across from Oakground (Lord Doyle's room.)

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