Micronational Union International

Peace, Prosperity And Protection
Capital city TBD
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Government MUI
- Secretary-General Ben Gilmór
Established 10th February 2014
Currency Depending on member state

The Great Micronational Union International (GMUL) is an intergovernmental organization based in and funded by the Austrar Islands.

The purpose of the Great Micronational Union International is to help "boost" the "lesser" nations, the organization aims to achieve this by "spreading the popularity of the lesser nations" and help the "lesser" nations to get more involved with some of the "higher" nations.

The organization claims to be different from other intermicronational organizations because they do not "just promote peace" but also claim to try and "help nations that are in need".


Member States

Observer nations

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