"Great Vussia" is the name of a recently encountered insurgency force. The Vussians have threatened multiple times to eliminate the World Armored Federation, by attacking W.A.F. patrols and occasionally laying siege to outposts.

The Vussians have been labeled a terrorist faction and are considered well-trained and dangerous.


The Vussians and the World Armored Federation first met in battle north of Kronos, at the edge of of Shogun province. Commander Velmaunt had taken a scout force of three AFCR golf cart tanks and five AFRE samurai, on a weekly patrol.

After crossing a small field, out of the grass came unknown attackers. They were described by the patrol as being clothed in balaclavas and brown uniforms. They were armed with airsoft guns and shouted taunts at the World Armored Federation scouts while attacking.

Some of the battle taunts were recorded, and one of them turned out to be a helpful identification name of the insurgents, shouted by an insurgent officer. He had shouted "For Great Vussia, shred the Armored Federals!"

Thus the insurgents have been classified as "Vussians", and their terrorist faction was named "Great Vussia".

After defeating the insurgents after a twenty minute battle, the patrol contacted an outpost base to forward the news to Armored Federation High Command.

Vussians have been seen peridocally several times after the first encounter, attacking, retreating, and returning to attack again.

In response to the attacks the World Armored Federation is at DEFCON 4, and Armando Commando is planning an attack on the insurgents when next they meet.


Some Vussians had dropped their weapons, allowing the World Armored Federation to analyze the evidence. The insurgents were well equipped, carrying airsoft rifles, small shields, and practice swords of their own design.


The Vussian uniform can best be described as a black vest over a brown suit. In addition the insurgents wore black berets (other than the commander who donned a red beret), black gloves and boots. Interestingly enough the insurgents all had a large red star emblazoned on their chest armor.

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