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08--06-2014 Remove red links and improve & update the quality of the Article. Mark for deleetion after 7 days if not improved. Greater Nation, Lower Nation and the Associated islets are a set of small islands between 0.75 and 1.1Km off the coast of Torquay, UK. They are claimed by The Renaissance Republic of Renasia and will be physically claimed by a three man team as part of Project Reign. These will be the first territory claimed physically by Renasia, and Renasian Foreign Secretary Jacob Tierney has said of them "They will become an outpost and a shelter, for any micronationalist in need, and for our ideals and hopes. May these islands ground and center our ambition and lead us closer to our goal".

Greater Nation Edit

The largest island and planned location for the set up for the Project REIGN camping and outpost. It consists nearly entirely of a saline silt with salt resistant grass and moss growing over it. Geologically it is a large rocky outcrop, one side being angled and the other a cliff drop of an unknown height. It is sheltered by the Torbay headland and all habitable areas face west and so in summer it remains cool, but the large cliff acts as a breakwind against the winds that gale into the bay from the Channel, meaning it is cold, but not necessarily bitterly so, during winter.

It will play host to two or three wooden structures functioning as living quarters, Renasian Forus, and Embassy once Project REIGN is complete, along with a small dock with 3 boat docking stakes, and a small registry and documentation check building.

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